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Hon. Marsha Henderson Reconvenes Interagency Meetings for 2024, Advancing Sustainable Development in St. Kitts

Published 1 February 2024


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Hon. Marsha Henderson Reconvenes Interagency Meetings for 2024, Advancing Sustainable Development in St. Kitts

Basseterre, St. Kitts (01 February 2024) – The Ministry of Tourism, alongside representatives from the  St. Kitts Tourism Authority (SKTA), St. Christopher Air and Sea Port Authority (SCASPA), Urban Development Corporation (UDC), and Frigate Bay Development, convened the first Tourism Interagency Meeting of the year. Under the distinguished guidance of Hon. Marsha T. Henderson, Minister of Tourism, this gathering marks the culmination of several collaborative efforts towards the sustainable development of St. Kitts.

The interagency meetings, initiated in the first quarter of 2023, have proven to be a pivotal aspect of fostering effective communication and coordination among the key players in the tourism industry. Regular monthly meetings have been held, ensuring that all stakeholders actively participate in the exchange of ideas and strategies to propel St. Kitts towards becoming a premier tourism destination.

The objectives of the interagency meeting were carefully crafted to align with the long-term vision for the industry, focusing on sustainable development through a holistic approach. Key objectives include the following:

A. Identifying a clear vision for the industry: The interagency meeting aimed to establish a collective understanding of the desired future state of the tourism sector. By setting clear goals, the meeting sought to steer the industry towards sustainable growth and development.

B. Efficient use of resources: With multiple agencies involved in the tourism sector, it is crucial to ensure that resources are optimally utilized across all fronts. The interagency meeting emphasized the importance of maximizing resource allocation to drive positive outcomes for the industry.

C. Ensuring synergies: Collaborative efforts across agencies hold great potential for fostering harmonious relationships and maximizing the benefits of collective action.

D. Improving communication: The interagency meeting recognized the need to enhance communication channels among agencies, ensuring seamless information flow and facilitating prompt decision-making.

E. Ensuring sustainable development: The ultimate goal of the interagency meeting was to ensure the sustainable development of tourism in St. Kitts, propelling the nation towards the status of a premier tourism destination. This strategic focus aims to drive economic growth, thereby contributing to the overall sustainable development objectives of the island.

During the meeting, the participating agencies took the opportunity to review their accomplishments and challenges throughout 2023, while also sharing their plans for 2024. The exchange of insights and experiences served to generate valuable discussions, fostering an environment of mutual learning and growth.

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