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Published 11 February 2024

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Dear Roland /Miles

 Following a request in January from CWI to SKCA to host 5 games  for CWI 4 day Championships, the SKCA willingly accepted the challenge and began preparations of 2 venues as is necessary for the hosting.  

Both Venues namely Warner Park and Conaree Cricket Center were discussed with the Ministry of Sports and preparations were immediately started to produce the expected high quality pitches and outfield.

The games got off to a great start at both venues on Wednesday 7th with absolutely no hitches and minor concerns were remedied.

At the end of day one Match referees and umpires were made aware of an approaching rain storm anticipated to last 24 hours. At this point both venues were advised to ensure that special attention be given to all batting and bowling areas at both venues.. Reports from both game venue managers  Noel Guishard and Ezekiel Percival indicated that both fields were adequately covered.

Day 2

Ground staff and Venue Managers arrived at grounds at 6 am and began inspecting.

Situations at that time were that heavy rains  and high winds which began consistently from 8.pm the previous evening were temporarily reduced to light drizzle. This then gave the staff an opportunity to do a brief examination of the covered areas only to discover that the Conaree Cricket Center covers were leaking over 2 adjacent strips next to the playing strip.

This raised major concerns and a meeting with the Director of Sports Mr Jeffery Hazell was held and replacement covers were sought,  Additional covers were sent to Conaree Cricket Center and seemed to have improved the protection of the playing surfaces, thus eliminating any further wetting as rain continued into the night.

Day 3

Following the arrival of ground staff at 6.00am,  it was discovered that animal foot prints representing those of animals could be seen as indentations in several areas of the adjacent pitches. Absolutely no damage to the playing pitch occurred, however it is my opinion based on experience that the process of drying out of these side pitches will require a full day of sunshine leaving only Day 4 as a possibility for play at Conaree Cricket Center. Umpires and Match Referees will report after another inspection later this afternoon.  

The SKCA  sincerely regrets this unfortunate incident which has far reaching repercussions and will ensure that it will be remedied at all costs. Warner Park Cricket Ground suffered no mishaps and the game continued under beautiful sunshine.

Dennis Phillip


St. Kitts Cricket Association

P O Box 1511

Warner Park


St. Kitts

Tel: (869) 466-4589

Email: [email protected]

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