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Alliance Française de St. Kitts and Nevis & TVC Channel 40 Official Launch of the Series C’est la Vie

Published 19 March 2024

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Alliance Française de St. Kitts and Nevis & TVC Channel 40 Official Launch of the Series C’est la Vie

Wednesday, March 20 th at 11 am and 5 pm and Saturday, March 23 rd at 11am on TVC Channel

The Alliance Française and Palm Branch Media are delighted to announce the release of the
first episode of C’est la Vie on TVC Channel 40 on Wednesday 20 th of March, the International
Francophonie Day.

C’est la Vie, that translates to “that’s life”, is a cultural and linguistic programme which embarks
on an exciting journey to explore the depths of all that’s French Language and francophone

Each episode will immerse you in the francophone landscape, as you will discover the countries
and territories around the globe which have French as an official language or a special status.
You will also dive into the beauty and intricacies of the French language, learning essential
vocabulary, grammatical insights, cultural nuances, and practical conversation skills.
So if you are seeking to enhance your cultural awareness and language proficiency, join us as
we unlock the doors to new cultural and linguistic horizons. Get ready to expand your world,
one word and one country at a time!

C’est la Vie will air on Wednesday March 20 at 11am with rebroadcast at 5pm and Saturday at
About the Alliance Française
The Alliance Française is a unique association that aims to promote the French language and
francophone culture all around the world. More than a school, Alliance Française supports
cultural diversity by highlighting all cultures through an eclectic cultural programme. The
Alliance Française organizes several annual events, including the French Singing Competition,
wine tastings, historical walks, cooking and artistic workshops and debates.

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