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Published 4 June 2024

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Basseterre, St. Kitts, June 04, 2024 (SKNIS): Under the leadership of Prime Minister, The Honourable Dr Terrance Drew, the Cabinet Ministers convened on Monday, June 03, 2024 and made essential decisions to enhance the well-being of our people. 

The Cabinet of Ministers received a presentation on the 2022 Population and Housing Census of St Kitts and Nevis by Carlton Phipps (Director of Statistics) and Corneil Williams (Social Statistician, Department of Statistics). Mr. Williams described the census exercise as a comprehensive enumeration of the entire population, gathering data on demographics, behaviour, and housing conditions through face-to-face interviews. The census covered individuals across both islands, utilising 295 Enumeration Districts. Initial fieldwork began in April 2022, achieving 97 percent coverage by February 2023 and concluded by March 2023. 

The enumerated population of the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis for 2022 is 51,320 persons, marking an 8.7 percent increase over the 2011 census count of 47,195 persons. This reflects an increase of 4,125 persons over the 11-year period, averaging an annual increase of 0.76 percent during the intercensal period. The island of St.Kitts is home to 38,138 persons, accounting for 74 percent of the federal population, while Nevis, with 13,182 persons, comprises the remaining 26percent.

These figures underscore the steady population growth and distribution between the two islands, providing a crucial basis for future planning and development initiatives. The next steps involve deeper analysis and detailed reporting to provide further insights into the population’s living conditions and demographic profiles. The Department of Statistics will be publishing the final census report in the coming weeks.

The Cabinet approved the reassignment of additional lands along Johnson Long Road, West Farm to create St. Kitts and Nevis’ first medical city. Initially, seven (7) acres were designated for the construction of the new, modern, climate-smart JNF General Hospital. However, with the vision of the Honourable Prime Minister and Minister of Health, Dr Terrance M Drew, an additional 10 acres were allocated to realise the goal of expansive, climate-responsive, and modern healthcare services.

A medical city is a large-scale healthcare complex that integrates various medical facilities, research institutions, educational centres, and support services within a single, coordinated environment. For a small island state like St. Kitts and Nevis, establishing a medical city is crucial as it enhances local healthcare capabilities, reduces the need for residents to seek medical treatment abroad, and attracts medical tourism, boosting the economy. Additionally, it can serve as a hub for medical research and education, fostering innovation and improving overall public health standards.


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