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Dieppe Bay Primary School celebrates

Published 3 July 2024

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Basseterre: St. Kitts, Tuesday, July 02, 2024:​ Staff and students at the Dieppe Primary School (DBPS), showed their appreciation to Mrs. Tryphena Hodge for her sterling contribution to the institution in a retirement ceremony held at the school’s grounds on Monday July 01 under the theme “Celebrating your legacy, that will never be forgotten”.

The heartwarming ceremony revealed that Mrs. Hodge has been a teacher at DBPS for 36 years, making her the only teacher at the institution who has never been redeployed since the start of her teaching career in 1988 at the then Dieppe Bay All Age School. She has worked with the many principals that have governed the institution during her tenure there.

Ms. Sharine Woodley, Principal at DBPS shared “Today goes down in history, as we paused and celebrated the retirement of Mrs. Tryphena Hodge who has been here for 36 long years. All of her teaching career was dedicated to the upliftment of the school, teachers, parents and the community at large. Mrs. Hodge has left a legacy that shall never be forgotten.”

Sharing words of encouragement for those in the profession, Mrs. Hodge stated “I would like to encourage you to be patientwith yourself. Becoming the best teacher ever, doesn’t happen overnight. There is likely to be a lot of mistakes or even temporary failures, but it is important to realize that those experiences are the ones that help you to grow and developprofessionally as a teacher the most.”

Mrs. Hodge’s influence and impact in education and the DBPS and by extension the community continues to stretch beyond generations, a sentiment shared by all who paid homage to her.

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