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Pre-Service Closing Ceremony

Published 5 July 2024

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Basseterre, St. Kitts, Friday, July 05, 2024: The Ministry of Education concluded its Pre-
Service Training 2024 with a closing ceremony held under the theme “Transforming Education
through Self-Renewal, Holistic Partnership, and Digital Solutions” on Friday, July 05. The
ceremony marked a significant milestone in the journey of aspiring educators.
Chief Education Officer, Mr. Francil Morris, expressed his pride in the dedication and keenness
demonstrated by the prospective teachers.

“Your enthusiasm, commitment, and active participation during the sessions have been truly
inspiring. You’ve demonstrated a commendable passion for education, and it has been a pleasure
to be part of this journey with you. I am particularly excited about the prospect of welcoming
some of you to our esteemed teaching fraternity for the 2024-2025 school year.”
Prospective teachers, Ms. Judezanna Dore, and Mr. Kerown Eddy shared their experiences and
insights gained during the training.

“The pre-service training offered a realistic, though intense, perspective on the role and
expectations of a teacher. I am grateful to Mrs. Wattley for emphasizing the importance of
developing the skills to “Teach like a Champion”. This session has significantly enhanced my
approach to classroom management and student engagement which would later help me create a
positive environment where students feel safe, respected, and motivated, eventually nurturing
effective learning,” remarked Ms. Dore.

“Knowing what I have learned from these sessions, and what it takes to be a teacher, compared
to when I was a student, I can say that the role of being a teacher, is not just a job, but it is a
dedication to the profession. With sessions such as teaching like a champion, professional
etiquette, and professional communication, I was empowered and ready to enter the classroom;
knowing how to command a room, attain respect from my attire, and effectively communicate
with my students.”

The Ministry of Education’s Pre-Service Training Closing Ceremony not only marked the end of
a successful training program but also highlighted the ongoing commitment to fostering
excellence in education.

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