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St. Kitts Tourism Authority Passes the Baton With New Leadership

Published 5 July 2024

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Basseterre, St. Kitts (05 July 2024) – As St. Kitts continues to soar to new heights as a premier Caribbean destination, the St. Kitts Tourism Authority announces a pivotal leadership transition. Mr. Ellison “Tommy” Thompson passes the baton to  Kelly Fontenelle, who steps in as the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO). This significant change underscores the ongoing commitment to growth and innovation in the destination’s tourism sector.

Under Mr. Thompson’s visionary leadership, St. Kitts has experienced unprecedented growth and success in tourism. His tenure has been marked by strategic initiatives that have increased visitor arrivals and enhanced the overall visitor experience. Through innovative marketing campaigns, strengthened partnerships with cruise lines and airlines, and the introduction of new attractions, Mr. Thompson has firmly established St. Kitts as a top choice for travelers worldwide.

“Leading the St. Kitts Tourism Authority has been an incredibly rewarding experience,” said Mr. Thompson. “The progress we have made is a testament to our team and partners’ hard work and dedication. As I pass the baton to Kelly Fontenelle, I am confident she will continue to drive our mission forward, building on our achievements and exploring new horizons.”

Kelly Fontenelle, the newly appointed CEO of the Authority, brings a wealth of experience and a fresh perspective to her new role. With her extensive background in tourism and hospitality, she is well-equipped to lead the St. Kitts Tourism Authority into its next phase of growth. Her strategic vision includes strengthening existing partnerships, fostering new collaborations, and enhancing the destination’s tourism offerings to ensure sustainable growth.

“St. Kitts has reached great heights, and I am honoured to be part of its continuing journey,” said Ms. Fontenelle. “I will focus on maintaining the momentum we have gained, ensuring that St. Kitts remains at the forefront of travellers’ minds. We will continue to promote our unique cultural and natural attractions while prioritizing sustainable tourism practices to preserve our destination’s beauty for future generations.”

The St. Kitts Tourism Authority remains committed to its mission of promoting St. Kitts as a premier destination. With Ms. Fontenelle at the helm, the organization is poised to continue its upward trajectory, driving economic growth and enhancing the quality of life for residents.

As the St. Kitts Tourism Authority embarks on this new chapter, it extends its deepest gratitude to Mr. Thompson for his outstanding contributions. His impact will continue to inspire and guide the organization as it strives for excellence in the dynamic and ever-evolving tourism industry.

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