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Traffic Notice

BASSETERRE, St. Kitts Traffic Notice– THE consistent increase in the number of vehicles hitting the roads of the Federation has resulted in the relevant authorities adding to the prefixes which are part of the registration numbers for privately-owned vehicles, and issuing a new one for government-owned vehicles.approved for private vehicles and ‘G’ for government vehicles

PB’ index approved for private vehicles and ‘G’ for government vehicles

March 6th, 2017, the licensing authority release which emanated from the Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force advised that in addition to the ‘P’ and ‘PA’ indexes which are used, ‘PB’ has been approved for use on private vehicles. and “G” for government.

“Due to the steady increase in demand for new vehicle registration numbers, it has become necessary for new registration indexes to be introduced, to keep pace with the demands.

“The Minister of Transport has therefore approved new registration indexes “G” and “PB”, through the Vehicles and Road Traffic (Amendment of Sixth Schedule Order), S.R & O No. 2 of 2017.”

Registration numbers from P1 to P9999 and PA1 to PA9999 have all been issued to vehicles owners. The Traffic Department has already begun issuing registration numbers carrying the ‘PB’ prefix.

Traditionally, government-owned vehicles have carried registration numbers which begin with ‘P’ or ‘PA’ and according to information received from the Traffic Department, those numbers would be recalled and new numbers beginning with the ‘G’ index would be issued.

The new license plates for government vehicles would be white with black lettering while those for the privately-owned vehicles would remain black with white lettering.

The communique advised that, “Registration numbers are liable to be re assigned if the vehicle has not been licensed within twelve (12) months from the expiration of the last license. Please be guided.” Traffic notice

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