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PLP recognises and awards individuals who gave support during its formative days

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Published 30 March 2017
BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS, March 28, 2017 (PLP PR Media Inc.) — When the Peoples Labour Party’s (PLP) Political Leader, Dr the Hon Timothy Harris appeared on Sugar City 90.3 FM’s ‘People’s Choice’ programme on Monday March 27, he told the host: “All is well with the Peoples Labour Party. Our support is at its strongest level.”
Dr Harris, who is also the Prime Minister of the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis, told the programme’s host Ambassador Michael Powell that the party had come thus far and especially its phenomenal growth in the Team Unity Movement because of the unwavering support it received from a number of individuals, many who gave voluntary service.

He explained that during the party’s inaugural National Convention which was held on Saturday March 25 on the Recreational Grounds in Tabernacle Village, four such individuals and one Constituency PLP Branch Office were recognised and given awards.
The individuals were Mr Victor Earle, Mr Richard Caines, Mr Craig Tuckett, and Ms Myrtilla Williams, and the Constituency Number 7 Peoples Labour Party Branch Office. Chairing the ceremony to recognise and award them was Mr Warren Thompson, who has since been named PLP’s National Chairman, and awards were presented by the Political Leader.
According to Mr Thompson, the first awardee Mr Victor Earle was recognised for making available his residence to be used as the designated place for Executive Meetings of the Peoples Labour Party. He noted: “We thank him for the courtesies and hospitality he extended, and continue to extend willingly and without cost.”
And during his appearance on the ‘People’s Choice’ programme on Sugar City 90.3 FM, Party Leader Dr the Hon Timothy Harris had this to say: “Victor Earle comes from West Basseterre and he is a seasoned veteran with the Peoples Labour Party. We thanked him publically (at the National Convention) for making his residence available during the formative and subsequent years of the PLP.
“Indeed the Peoples Labour Party met only at two locations, at his home in West Basseterre and at the constituency office in Tabernacle and on Saturdaywe commended and publicly acclaimed him and the others for their wholesome support to the party which was delivered without cost.”
The second person to be recognised was the veteran politician, Mr Richard Caines. According to Mr Thompson, Mr Caines was awarded for being one of the first persons to endorse and give much support to the Unity Concept in the initial stages of the formation of the Peoples Labour Party and the Team Unity Movement.
On Sugar City 90.3 FM, ‘People’s Voice’ host Ambassador Michael commented that Mr Richard Caines should have been very surprised that he was recognised and given the award.
“He should have been surprised because none of the persons identified were given any notice in advance,” explained Dr Harris. “So it was good and propitious that he would be there on this occasion. And it shows the genuine love that Richard Caines has for the Team Unity Administration.
“He could have been in many places, he chose to come there to be part of it to send a signal that he, Richard Caines remains solidly behind a movement in which he has invested so much and I thank him therefore for his stamina and for the judicious nature of the choice he made to support Team Unity and all the constituent parts.”
Mr Craig Tuckett, Peoples Labour Party’s Deputy National Chairman, was awarded for the role he played when he filled the void created by the non-functioning and absence of the National Chairman, and for having devoted much time and personal sacrifice to the development of the People’s Labour Party.
“Craig Tuckett is now pursuing his studies in law to come back home and to give better and excellent service to the region and the country that he loves,” said the Party Leader on Sugar City 90.3 PFM. “Mr Tuckett we say thank you for the commitment, the stamina and the high sense of justice which you bring to this high office.”
The fourth awardee was the then Peoples Labour Party’s acting National Secretary, Ms Myrtilla Williams, who was confirmed to hold that position during the party’s National Convention held on Saturday March 25.
“The ever-competent and reliable Myrtilla Williams had served us well in the past at the constituency branch level and served as the executive officer at the campaign office in Basseterre,” said Dr Harris. “Her efficiency and effectiveness with which she disposed of all chores made her an essential component of the success of Team Unity, and she has gained many fans because of the high level of performance she brought to that office.”
The final award was given to the Constituency Number 7 of the PLP Branch Office, which was collected by the Youth Representative Mr Crace Lewis. According to Mr Warren Thompson, the Branch Office was recognised and awarded for “making available to the Party its offices and resources in support of planning and the execution of several party activities over the years.”

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