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Cutback on school uniforms, text books for low-income families

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Published 3 August 2017

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Cutback on school uniforms, text books for low-income families

BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS, AUGUST 3RD 2017 – A cutback on the level of assistance to vulnerable groups by the Team Unity coalition of Prime Minister Dr. Timothy Harris, has created further hardship for low-income families.
Former Minister of Community and Social Development in the Denzil Douglas Labour Administration, Hon. Marcella Liburd has also accused Prime Minister Harris of openly displaying an uncaring attitude towards the wellbeing of the poor families.

“I have been told by several persons that they no longer receive uniforms from the uniform assistance programme operated by the Department of Community and Social Development,” Liburd disclosed during Wednesday’s “Issues” programme on Freedom 106.5 FM and Kyss 102.5 FM.
Liburd said single families are also no longer getting free text books under the social assistance programme.
“Parents have told me that the school books are very  expensive and they are getting no assistance,” said Liburd, who pointed out that while hardship increases on the ordinary folks and their families, relatives of the Harris family of Prime Minister Dr. the Hon. Timothy Harris continue to prosper.
“They are being given more and more opportunities to make money for the Harris Empire,” said Liburd, Member of Parliament for St. Christopher 2 (Central Basseterre).
She alleged that the Florida-based company that is providing the ornamental trees for the new National Heroes Park has family member of the Prime Minister as “the local partner.”
Ms. Liburd said while the people of St. Kitts and Nevis are suffering “Prime Minister Harris was in Toronto, Canada, last week learning to play golf and getting a pedicure.”
“Dr. Harris is not concerned about the financial, and social struggles and the hardships that families are now experiencing. He continues to splurge with the money of the tax payers,” said the Central Basseterre MP, who noted that there has been no news release from the Office of the Prime Minister on his visit to Canada.

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