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PM Harris congratulates leadership of Evangelistic Faith Church on its 50th anniversary

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Published 5 November 2018

Buckie Got It, St. Kitts and Nevis News Source

PM Harris congratulates leadership of Evangelistic Faith Church on its 50th anniversary


BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS, November 5, 2018 (PLP PR Media Inc.) — The Sandy Point-based Evangelist Faith Church on Sunday November 4 celebrated a momentous occasion with the holding of its 50th Anniversary Service at The Alley, Sandy Point, with hundreds of its members and visitors including Prime Minister Dr the Hon Timothy Harris in attendance.

The church, which opened its doors to the faithful on November 3, 1968, celebrated under the theme ‘Building Together: Families, Churches, Communities’ where Pastor Prisca Hyligar noted that it was a wonderful time in the history of the Evangelist Faith Church, as they celebrated their Golden Anniversary.

“The Lord has allowed us to serve the Sandy Point and surrounding communities as a ‘Soul Saving Station’ for the past 50 years,” said Pastor Hyligar. “The Evangelistic Faith Church has been a lighthouse shinning as a beacon even in the midst of adversity. A debt of gratitude must go to the founders, all of whom, save one, are not with us today.”

Prime Minister Dr the Hon Timothy Harris, who was invited to address the gathering that was under a tent on the church’s plot at The Alley in Sandy Point, noted it was important as they celebrated that they ponder on the role of the church in the society and in the country.

“Certainly without churches and certainly without preachers skilful in delivering the word of God, where would we be?” posed the Prime Minister. “I want to thank all the pastors who are here – let us given them a round of applause and say ‘to God be the glory’. We are a nation under God, and we proudly proclaim that in our Independence Constitution, one of the few countries in the world that was bold enough to say we are a nation under God.”

Prime Minister Harris noted that fifty years was a long journey and observed that the church would have gone through the valleys and would have been on the mountain tops and the nation prayed that it will continue to see progress and to bring progress in the lives of not only the congregants, but also in the lives of people everywhere.

“Everywhere people are looking for something, looking for something to hold on to – looking to find virtues and the church must help us and help them to find those virtues,” advised the Honourable Prime Minister. He categorised the virtues as the virtue of love, the virtue of kindness, and the virtue of good neighbourliness, adding that love can cure a mountain of ills.

Dr Harris commended the church and its leadership on its 50th anniversary and stated that the country and its people give thanks to God for the support and the service to the churches in St. Kitts and Nevis, across denominations. He noted that the churches have been playing an instrumental and effective role in nation building. In conclusion he said: “Praise God for this church, praise God for the leadership. Congratulations on your 50th anniversary.”

Guest speaker at the anniversary service was Pastor Lincoln Connor of the Antioch Baptist Church in West Basseterre. Also present were Minister of Ecclesiastical Affairs, Senior Minister the Hon Vance Amory and Mrs Vernie Amory, Leader of the Opposition the Hon Dr Denzil Douglas, the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Labour and Ecclesiastical Affairs Bishop Ron Collins, and a host of leaders from other churches.

The Evangelical Faith Church honoured its founder, the late Pastor Miriam Huggins whose award was collected by her two daughters Ms Charlene Huggins and Ms Beverly Huggins. Others were Sister Enid Richardson, Pastor Vincent and Lady Patrick, and Pastor Joseph and Lady Henville. A group from Anguilla, Christian Fellowship Church, presented a dance.

While names of individuals and organisation that would have contributed in a number of ways to the church’s progress were called out, Pastor Hyligar profoundly thanked them in her welcome remarks. In closing she said: “Together, let us continue the legacy of the Evangelistic Faith Church as we build families, churches and communities until Jesus comes.”


Pix captions:

1: From L-R: Prime Minister Dr the Hon Timothy Harris, Mrs Vernie Amory, the Hon Vance Amory, Pastor Lincoln Connor, and Pastor Prisca Hyligar.

2: Prime Minister, Dr the Hon Timothy Harris, giving remarks at the Evangelist Faith Church’s 50th anniversary service.

3: Pastor Prisca Hyligar gives an award to Ms Charlene Huggins and Ms Beverly Huggins. Their mother Pastor Miriam Huggins was the founder and first Pastor of the church.

4: Prime Minister Harris greets Bishop Joseph Henville and his wife Pastor Carmen Henville.

5: Pastor Prisca Hyligar (left) serenades members of the Christian Fellowship Church of Anguilla.

6: An artist impression of Evangelist Faith Church’s new sanctuary to be built at their new site, The Alley Sandy Point.

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