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The High Court judge Locked out of Nevis.

Published 17 July 2019

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Corine Walwyn

The High Court judge Locked out of Nevis.
Upon my arrival to Nevis via The Seabrige, several vehicles and persons were locked out of Nevis. We were prevented from exiting the gate. The gate was surrounded by security guards who stated their boss told them not to let in or let out anyone. There were several tourists, The High Court judge from St.Lucia who was accompanied with a constable, workers from St.Kitts including a worker for the company which the government contracted with to do the roads.

We were all kept behind the locked gate. I was told the court gave them permission to lock the gate. I find this act most disgusting and embarrassing. What a welcome we give our own and our tourist. What has become of Nevis? When are we going to let our personal feelings stay personal? When are we going to stop allowing our political ideaology determine how we treat the people of our island? Why was i locked out of Nevis for 2 days? The Sea bridge didn’t come to St.kitts yesterday, which forces me to stay an extra night in a hotel. The thing that pissed me off was when dey open the gate for the government contracted worker and then continued to lock us out. This even got one of the tourist upset. What a welcome to Nevis. We are not part of the parties dispute and they have no right to lock us out. The Seabridge has become a valuable service to the people of St.Kitts and Nevis and no judge or person should stop such sevice without proper warning to the people being served. This island is not a banana Republic and what happened this morning should never happen here. Innocent people suffered and were discriminated against..

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