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Prime Minister Harris welcomes Federation’s newest centenarian

Published 3 December 2019

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CHARLESTOWN, NEVIS, December 3, 2019 (PLP PR Media Inc.) — The Federation welcomed its newest centenarian, Ms Eliza Flanders, on Saturday November 30 at a colourful 100th birthday party held in her honour at her home in Hamilton Estate, Nevis, which was attended by Prime Minister Dr the Hon Timothy Harris, and Premier of Nevis the Hon Mark Brantley.

“Congratulations from the Federal Government,” Prime Minister Harris told the jovial centenarian. “I bring special greetings from Senator Wendy Phipps (Minister of State with responsibilities for Gender Affairs and Social Services). We have brought a basket to share with you as a token of appreciation. Again congratulations, may God continue to bless you and bless your family.”

Prime Minister Harris, who is also the Federal Minister of People Empowerment, said the government was appreciative of older persons in the society especially the ones that have reached the 100-year mark, and noted that it has to find a way to show even greater appreciation and love for those who have attained that milestone.

The ceremony was organised by the Nevis Island Administration’s Ministry of Social Development, Department of Social Services, and chaired by co-ordinator at the Senior Citizens Division, Ms Trudy Prentice. The alert celebrant who is better known as Eliza Jeffers Liburd told those present that she is looking forward to celebrating her 103rd birthday and thanked the Lord for blessing her.

Premier of Nevis the Hon Mark Brantley, who led members of the Nevis Island Administration Cabinet at the function, presented Ms Eliza Jeffers Liburd with a certificate of recognition from the Ministry of Social Development in the Nevis Island Administration.

Minister in the Nevis Island Administration with responsibility for Social Development, the Hon Eric Evelyn, presented the new centenarian with a gift basket compliment of the City Drug Store; while Minister responsible for Physical Planning, Environment and Water, and Area Parliamentary Representative for St. Paul’s, the Hon Spencer Brand, presented her with a bouquet of fresh flowers.  

Former Area Parliamentary Representative for St. Paul’s Mr Roberto Hector gave remarks, while family members, some who had travelled from overseas, gave tributes including a moving poem presented by her grandson, Master Thomas Liburd who was in the company of his father Mr Elton Liburd. 

1: Prime Minister Harris congratulates Ms Eliza Flanders after presenting her with a gift basket. Others are from left, Mr Fredrick Jeffers, Premier Brantley, Hon Spencer Brand, Hon Eric Evelyn, and (on the right) Mr Elton Liburd.
2: Prime Minister Dr the Hon Timothy Harris (right) with Master Thomas Liburd (celebrant’s grandson), Ms Eliza Jeffers Liburd, and her son Mr Elton Liburd.
3: Federation’s newest centenarian Ms Eliza Flanders, better known as Eliza Jeffers Liburd (in blue with a white sash) pictured with Prime Minister Harris and Premier Brantley, NIA officials, family members, and friends.   

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