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Published 16 March 2020

Buckie Got It, St. Kitts and Nevis News Source



at St.Pauls

St. Pauls  2 – 2 Strikers

Scoring for St.Pauls

Zahrick Francis 28th min

Hazani Rochester 35th min

Scoring for Strikers

Renaldo Benjamin7th min

Kinito Dias 60th min

Yellow Cards

Danique Dasent (strikers) 28th min

Kamil Frazer (strikers) 39th min

Ashanti Brookes (st.Pauls) 54th min

Hazani Rochester (st.Pauls) 63rd min

*** Officials were Zoend Browne, Steadroy Douglas & Delandra Levine

at Warner Park

Sandy Point  1 – 6 Bath Utd

Scoring for Sandy Point

Deacon Liddie 20th min

Scoring for Bath

Jalden Myers (pk) 6th min

Omarion Bartlette hat trick 19th, 31st & 63rd min

Kenaicy Dorsette 54th min

Elston Williams 55th min

Yellow card

Jahlyan Burt (sandy Point) 46th min

*** Officials were Judell Matthew, Shakel Campbell, Ike Inniss & Kenwin Collins

at the Gardens

Spurs  5 – 2  Cayon

Scoring for Spurs

Jaheim Nisbett 4 goals 7th, 32nd, 54th & 88th min

Taijan Nisbett 40th min

Scoring for Cayon

Dane Weston 2 goals 20th & (pk) 52nd min

Yellow cards

Aliquan Tota (spurs) 45th min

Joshua Bradshaw (Cayon) 43rd min

*** Officials were Shandor Wilkinson, Juniequa Matthew & Elvis Isaac



at Sandy Point

Strikers  10  –  1  Conaree

Scoring for Sandy Point

Dequan Hamilton scored 7 goals – 2nd, 4th, 9th, 21st, 27th, 40th & 46th min

Eusani Hendrickson 16th min

Kwanje Hendricks 44th min

Travonte Hanley 47th min

Scoring for Conaree

Yohance Daniel 18th min

*** Official was Caldon Duncan

Molineux  2 – 1  Cayon

Scoring for Molinueax 

Ronvyl Williams 26th min

Kjarrie Liburd 39th min

Scoring for Cayon

Tenron Henny 6th min

*** Official was Caldon Duncan


at Sandy Point

Sandy Point  1 – 5  Cayon

Scoring for Sandy Point

Zondiki Hodge (owngoal) 5th min

Scoring for Cayon

Tenron Henry 6th min

Franklyn Mitcham 69th min

Jahzion Decosta hat trick 21st, 22nd & 33rd min

*** Officials were Caldon Duncan, Delvin Harris & Johmal Allen


 at Dieppebay

TGE Dieppe Bay Eagles  vs  Hardtimes FC

* Hardtimes FC did not show up for the match

*** Official was Christanja Carey

at Bath Playing Field

Bath Utd  4 – 2  Davis Cons. Lodge Patriots

Scoring for Bath

Dejal Myers 2 goals 10th & (pk) 87th min

Ishan Smithen 13th min

Romario Daniel 31st min

Scoring for Lodge

Aldrin Romney 2 goals – 23rd & 61st min

Yellow cards

Castange Isaac (lodge) 19th min

Romario Daniel (Bath) 69th min

Calvert Chiverton (lodge) 82nd min

*** Officials were Jermaine Wickham, Jason Audain & Kendell Fahie


at Warner Park Football Stadium

Match #1

Rams Village Superstars  5 – 2  Mantab

Scoring for Village

Tiran Hanley hat trick – (pk) 21st, 77th & 90th min

Carlos Bertie (pk) 45th min

Kimaree Rogers 90th + 3 min

Scoring for Mantab

Eversley Davis 40th min

Avril Challenger 85th min

Yellow Cards

Avril Challenger (mantab) 20th min

Jermaine Carey (mantab) 52nd min

*** Officials were Sanchez Bass, Jaden Rouse, Latoya James & Zoend Browne

RA: Lloyd Rouse

GC: Jacklyn Bradshaw

Match #2

Elco Ltd Security Forces  1 – 2  Skrave Newtown Utd

Scoring for Security forces

Dennis Phillip 38th min

Scoring for Newtown

Jordan Missiri 20th min

Ian Lake 90th +2 min

Yellow cards

Kenrick Mcneil (sec.forcs.)  26th min

Dion Burke (sec.forcs) 45th & 69th min

Jmoi Caines (newtown) 88th min

Red card

Dion Burke (security forces) 69th min

(2nd yellow card in the match)

*** Officials were David Phipps, Delroy Jeffers, Yohan Henderson & Shandor Wilkinson

RA: Kenni Martin

GC: Shanwa Broadbelt

Match #3

Flow 4G Cayon Rockets  0 – 2   Sol Island Auto Conaree

Scoring for Conaree

Errol O’loughln 13th min

Dakari Phipps 48th min

Yellow Cards

Jazzil Francis (conaree) 19th min

Quanieki Clarke (cayon) 38th min

Malik Henderson (cayon) 59th min

Kelandre Maynard (conaree) 88th min

*** Officials were Kimbell Ward, Graeme Browne, Mario Parry & Judell Matthew

RA: Malcolm Ramsey

GC: Dexter Tyrell



at Warner Park Football Stadium

Match #1

Trafalgar Southstars  0 – 0  Fast Cash Saddlers

Yellow cards for Southstars

Chevaun Matthew 22nd min

Kwande Rogers 31st min

Yellow cards for Saddlers

Carlus Powell 12th min

Lashelle Pogson 22nd min

Javiah Rubaine – Phipps 35th min

Sean Liburd 90th +2 min

*** Officials were Nicholas Rose, Shakel Campbell, Jason Rouse & Maliik Liburd

RA: Lloyd Rouse

GC: Theo Clarke

Match #2

St. Peters  0 – 1  HE Garden Hotspurs 

Scoring for Spurs

Steve Archibald 71st min

Yellow cards

Hasani Flemming (spurs) 45th & 45th +3 min

Kejaune David (st. Peters) 58th min

Miguel Crawford (spurs) 75th min

Jahleel Warner (st. Peters) 78th min

Red card

Hasani Flemming (spurs) 45th +3 min

( Abusive and insulting language )

*** Officials were Tristley Bassue, Ike Inniss, Tyra Wilkinson & David Phipps

RA: Steadroy Douglas

GC: Eunice Greenaway

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