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Adjustment to Bus Drivers in St. Kitts

Published 15 April 2020

Buckie Got It, St. Kitts and Nevis News Source

Cabinet has reviewed matters concerning us bus drivers and decided to adjust some measures as it pertains to our business. As of Thursday 16th April 2020, these measures will take effect:

-8 persons will be allowed to travel on omni buses

-1 extra passenger next to the driver at the will of the driver(not imposed)

-ALL passengers MUST wear masks and PAY AS YOU ENTER

– Buses MUST be sanitized regularly and thoroughly

– Traffic Police will be on the road to enforce these regulations including mask and pay as you enter and sanitization

– The government is reviewing the policy of those bus drivers who are employed full-time and still trying to get self employed coverage

– They are hoping to re-introduce the duty free concession on tyres and pads at soonest

– All bus drivers should apply to the PAP Program introduced by the government as part of the stimulus package

-The government is lobbying its efforts to help those bus drivers who are NOT under Social Security self employed coverage and hoping to have something in place for them very soon. Each association is to present the names of individuals who are a part of the association and not covered so that proper documentation and dissemination can be made. If you are not a part of an association then you will not be eligible for these benefits.

– Conversations will be held with Sun Island as to how they can assist bus drivers with mask going forward.

I thank you

Bernard Boland Jr
Sugar City Bus Association

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