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Home owners woke up to their houses painted “Pam” in Sandy Point St. Kitts

Published 23 May 2020

Buckie Got It, St. Kitts and Nevis News Source

This is the level of craziness that politics has taken in Sandy Point St. Kitts. Home owners woke up to their houses painted “Pam”. Houses located on the new PAM projects were all vandalized by “alleged” “Labour supporters in the dark of night.

These are PAM warriors who are not afraid to show their colors….they already have all types of Pam paraphernalia on their houses….they would not mess up their new houses with paint.

Some of the names that was shared with this media house “Cyndie Demming, Hardis Gumbs and Barber Mills, One of the houses that was painted belongs to EK mother and Kenny has 2 nieces and a nephew living in one of the houses that was vandalized.

Police were on the scene earlier this morning.

More to follow on this story

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