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Published 27 May 2020

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The Dr. Denzil Douglas and his Opposition Labour party have filed an injunction which can possibly delay the staging of the election which has already been set for June 5th. In a document filed and served today the opposition is claiming that they are at a disadvantage leading into the elections  with regards to their inability to bring in 1000’s of overseas voters from COVID Hotspots like New York and London.  

The Opposition Party is claiming that the playing field is not level and the government is at significant advantage with the absence of overseas voters due to the COVID-19 pandemic . COVID-19 Doctors and management team and advisors have all indicated that it will be a disastrous idea to allow and I flux of 1000s of overseas voters mainly from known hotspots. They have stated that allowing this will totally erase all the success they have made regarding their management of the COVID 19 this far. 

Despite months and months of asking for election to be called the Opposition Labour party were seemingly caught completely off guard and unprepared for the elections which were called for June 5th. It is well known that the Labour partys success over recent elections have depended solely on overseas voters. In 2015 the party brought in some 26 charters from all over world which transported over 2500 people to the federation . Despite the heavy influx of their  voters they still lost the elections and managed just 3 seats down from 6 seats in the prior elections . 

More on this story as it develops ..

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