Published 31 May 2020

Buckie Got It, St. Kitts and Nevis News Source


by Lorna Callendar

NOW THAT ELECTIONS are drawing near, birds of a feather are flocking together. Even the ones who had vehemently shaken their feathers against one another now find they have common cause as they “find they class”.

And just as many are still crediting COVID-19 with bringing the blessings of clean air and clean river-waters, so too Team Unity can give thanks that they too have managed to clean their ranks as the stray birds have returned to their roost and are flocking again with their own. It is now clear that they only jumped over their neighbour’s wall to see what they could get and now realizing that there was no more to get, they cut all the pretense of SERVICE and returned from whence they came.

So intent they were on ‘gathering’ for themselves that they were UNABLE
• to see the tears of the sugar workers as they confessed that they had never ever held so much money before
• to appreciate the relief of mothers who could now leave a window or two open when they went to bed at night for, they no longer expected gangs to come shooting up their homes looking for their sons
• to understand the joy of over two thousand residents who feared the rain would come at night and soak them before they could reach for their buckets. They now had new roofs and owed nothing for them…and others who could now shake the keys of their new homes with pride
• to cherish the beaming faces of mothers as they watched their children hurrying to school now walking on sidewalks and not between the crazy traffic
• to gauge the satisfaction of drivers as they skimmed along the silky resurfaced island main roads knowing their vehicles would not be subjected to the constant wear and tear of rough pot-holed uneven streets and would last longer
• to take account of the pride of local contractors as they built the roads and reclaimed the land at Old Road Bay OR of the truckers (from both St. Kitts and Nevis) smiling at the new amount of money in their pockets as they brought truckload after truckload of huge rocks from the quarry
• to see the appreciation of those who were given $500 each month and who lost the fear of eviction or the loss of their electricity or water when they were unable to pay these bills
• to feel the relief of the cancer sufferers when they understood that they could be treated at home and need not go a-begging to find funds to secure their treatment overseas: the same relief was felt by the dialysis seekers
• to embrace the new inspiration and purposefulness among the youth as they participate in their new goals in technology, in ICT, in technical vocations; in new skills at STEP; with FRESH START incentives; so too are the fishers and farmers inspired by their incentives
• to admire the thorough management of COVID-19 OR to understand how cared for Kittitians and Nevisians felt
• to respect how happy parents are to see the government take responsibility for nationals of all ages – the preschoolers with free and subsidized education; primary schoolers with guidance via the Explorers Clubs and with Community Policing; with more meaningful curricula in schools; with FRESH START incentives – reforming the society in meaningful ways.

There are many more ways by which Team Unity has brought JOY to the nation in 5 short years. But the ‘birds of a feather’ were so busy looking out for themselves and raising SELF ABOVE COUNTRY that they were blind to the new mood of the country., unable to see the COMPASSION AND EMPATHY that now exudes from the present administration. “NONE SO BLIND AS THOSE WHO WILL NOT SEE”!



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