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The election of the Executive of the East Basseterre PAM Constituency

Published 15 September 2020

Buckie Got It, St. Kitts and Nevis News Source

A meeting was held last evening ( Monday 14th September, 2020) with
Political Leader Shawn Richards,
Party Chairman Jonel Powell,
Party Assistant General Secretary, Mr. Azard Gumbs, Mr. Hugh Heyliger, Returning Officer for East Basseterre Constituency Election along with Mr. Al Wali Mohammed and Mrs. Vanessa Phipps (representatives for both slates of candidates contesting the East Basseterre executive positions) to discuss a number of issues as it relates to the election of the Executive of the East Basseterre PAM Constituency.

At the meeting, it was mutually agreed by all present that :

  1. The East Basseterre Executive elections will be held on Wednesday 23rd September at 7:30 pm at the Tucker Clarke Primary School.
  2. The National Executive will be responsible for the conducting of the elections. This includes the printing and numbering of ballot papers.
  3. Each team may present before voting is conducted. Presenters will include persons for each team contesting the position chair and one other position. The aforementioned presenters will speak for five (5) minutes and (3) three minutes respectively.

Please be guided accordingly.

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