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Published 27 September 2020

Buckie Got It, St. Kitts and Nevis News Source

SATURDAY 26TH SEPTEMBER 2020 DIVISION 1 The Gardens Playing Field 
Match #1 
Davis Construction Lodge Patriots 1 – 0 Hardtimes 
Scoring for Lodge 

Kimbo Romney 69th min 
Match officials : Elvis ‘pepe’Isaac, Tyra Wilkinson & Jasmine Charles

Match #2 
Bath FC 4 – 2 KFC/Trinity Challengers 

Scoring for Bath 

Brandell Marie 37th min 

Dejal Myers scored 2 goals 38th & 70th min

Jalden Myers 83rd min 
Scoring for Challengers 

Clyde Herbert struck twice 52nd & 63rd min  
Yellow cards 

Romario Bartlette (bath) 46th min 

Dejal Myers (bath) 79th min 

Kinito Dias (challengers) 79th min

Zacakary Richardson (challengers) 79th min 

Match officials : Jermaine Wickham, Jasmine Charles & Ulinda Warner 


Warner Park Stadium  
Match #1 
SL Horsfords St.Pauls 3 – 0 Elco Ltd Security ForcesScoring for St.Pauls 

Tahir Jefferson 39th min 

Aiden Nurse 50th min 

Ajah Jules 90th min 
Yellow Card 

Justin Soleyn (Security forces) 16th min 

Match officials :  Reginald Gumbs, Jaden Rouse, Latoya James & Shandor Wilkinson Ref.Assr: Kendrea Tully GC: Jacklyn Bradshaw 

Match #2
Rams Village Superstars 7 – 1 Trafalgar South stars
Scoring for Village 

Kimaree Rogers 2 goals 12th & (pk) 55th min 

Gvaune Amory 14th min 

Lawrence Jeffers 19th min 

Tahir Hanley struck twice 34th & 57th min 

Carlos Bertie 76th min 
Yellow cards 

Dylon Morton (southstars) 42nd min Chavaun Matthew (southstars) 58th min 

Raheem Francis (Village) 72nd min 
Match officials : Sanchez Bass, Graeme Browne. Kenwin Collins & Maliik Liburd Ref.Assr : Malcolm Ramsey GC: Shanwa Broadbelt 


Warner Park Stadium 
Skrave Newtown Utd 2 – 0 Fast Cash Saddlers Scoring for Newtown

Delano Hodge with 2 goals (pk)25th & 81st min 
Yellow Cards 

Stephan RAwlins (Saddlers) 24th min

Shomari Hanley (Newtown) 78th min 
Match officials: Tristley Bassue, Kenni Martin, Yohan Henderson & Sanchez Bass. Ref.Assr: Lloyd Rouse GC: Theo Clarke

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