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Published 30 September 2020

Buckie Got It, St. Kitts and Nevis News Source

Division 1

at Kim Collins Stadium

Match #1

Rivers of Living Water 2 – 3  Newton Ground

Scoring for Rivers

Jamarie James struck twice 4th & 52nd min

Scoring for Newton Ground

Hazani Rochester 42nd min

Tquan Nisbett 55th min

Vquan Thomas 78th min

Yellow Cards

Kyros Hughes (newton Ground) 23rd min

Ziquan Dorsett (newton Ground) 79th min

Match Officials : Kenni Martin, Tahirah Willock & Shane Browne

Match #2

Davis Construction Lodge Patriots  1 – 1 KFC/Trinity Challengers

Scoring for Lodge

Calvert Chiverton 31st min

Scoring for Challengers

Kenrick Phillip 20th min

Yellow Cards

Kenrick Phillip (challengers) 13th min

Tyquan Warner (Challengers) 20th min

Syl Browne (Lodge) 30th min

Adrian Gumbs (Lodge) 63rd min

Jody Walters (Challengers) 72nd min

Match officials : Mervonjae Pemberton, Tahirah Willock & Juniequa Matthew


at Warner Park Football Stadium

United Old Road Jets 3 – 1 Sol IAS Conaree 

Scoring for Old Road

Davin Kelly 32nd min

Zian Drew 51st min

Niquan Browne 75th min

Scoring for Conaree

Errrol Oloughlin (pk) 61st min

Yellow Cards

Kelandre Maynard (conaree) 8th min

Kadeem Lewis (conaree) 21st min

Tiquanny Williams (old road) 37th min

Anjunel Esdaille (Conaree) 74th min

Match officials: David Phipps, Delroy Jeffers, Jason Rouse & Christanja Carey

Ref.Assr : Stedroy Douglas

GC: Diane Browne

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