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Auditor Error in the Tabulation of Judges Scores for the SKNNCC Senior Calypso Monarch Quarterfinal

Published 15 December 2020


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Auditor Error in the Tabulation of Judges Scores for the SKNNCC Senior Calypso Monarch Quarterfinals

SKNNCC Press Release – Calypso Quarterfinals

The St. Kitts Nevis National Carnival Committee (SKNNCC) engaged the Audit Services of the Chartered Certified\ Accountant Firm, Maitland Maitland & Associates (MMA) to tabulate the scores of the panel of judges for the Senior Calypso Monarch Quarter Finals that were held on the 12th and 13th December, 2020. Representatives of the Auditors were present on both nights of the event to tabulate judges scores and at the end of the competition on the 13th December, 2020 presented the SKNNCC with the total judges scores for the thirty-seven (37) Calypsonians who participated over the two nights of the competition.

On the night of Monday 14th December, 2020, the Chair of the SKNNCC, Ms Shannon Hawley, was notified verbally by Mr Franklin Maitland, Managing Partner of Maitland Maitland & Associates (MMA), that upon further analysis of judges scores, a systematic error was committed by the Auditors, with respect to each work sheet for each calypsonian performing on Sunday 13th December, 2020. The score for “Lyrics – Expression of theme” was not included in the final total. This meant that the total score reported for each calypsonian who performed on Sunday 13th December was under-reported by a figure equal to the sum of the judges score for the said line item.

This Auditor error, has affected the overall scores for some calypsonians who participated in the Quarter Finals and as a result has also affected the finalists as previously presented to the general public by the SKNNCC.

On the night of the 13th December, the following 15 Calypsonians were announced as finalists in the Senior Calypso
Monarch Competition:-

  1. Karisia Willet – Queen Independent 393
  2. Craig McDowell – King Craig 387
  3. Kendra Hutton – Queen Brown Sugar 385
  4. Oscar Brown – King Astro 382
  5. Duncan Wattley – Big Lice 368
  6. Godfrey Wattley – King Godfrey 368
  7. Kibiane Willet – Queen Kibi 362
  8. Kimara Williams – Queen Diva 353
  9. Calvin Johnson – I Soursop 349
  10. Glenroy Blanchette – Blanchette 348
  11. Venetia Clarke – Lady Composer 342
  12. Daven Liburd – Lord Kut 340
  13. Andrew Nisbett – King Hollywood 335
  14. Sharon Cannonier – Singing Sharon 333
  15. Kirthy Morton – King Irvin 332
    Alternate – Tyronne O’Flearty – Sack Cloth & Ashes – 328

The official Auditors Report issued to the SKNNCC on Tuesday 15th December, 2020 included the revised scores for all calypsonians who participated in the Quarter Finals. The following twenty (20) calypsonians amassed the highest scores during the Quarter Finals Competition:-

Because of the error made by the Auditors, two (2) of the calypsonians included originally in the top fifteen (15), now have
placed No. 17 (Singing Sharon) and No. 20 (King Irvin). In light of this, the SKNNCC has made a decision to include all
of the above-named top (20) twenty calypsonians into the Senior Calypso Monarch Finals to be held on Tuesday 29th
December, 2020.
The SKNNCC apologizes for any inconvenience caused however in the interest of fairness, we believe that this is the best
and just decision to take

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