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Baby died after found in a vehicle around lunch time

Published 22 January 2021

Buckie Got It,

Basseterre, St. Kitts and Nevis News Source

Update Sad News!!!

It’s alleged that a man forgot his 6 months baby girl in his vehicle, which he was to take Daycare….only noticed when he on his lunch hour…the child is now on life support at JNF.

Our media have just learnt that the baby have passed away.

My condolences goes out to the families and friends.

There are so many questions and such little answers. The fingers are pointing at the parents and the DayCare.

How did the father forget?
Did the mother follow up to make sure the child was dropped off?
Did the Daycare call to see why the baby is not in school?

We will follow up on this developing story

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