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CFBC Alumni Association

Published 10 February 2022


Buckie Got It, St. Kitts and Nevis News Source

CFBC Alumni AssociationDear Interested Alumni,

Kindly fill out the requisite fields below.

Benefits to Members

Dedicated alumni support through career services, alumni scholarships and platform
for recognition of alumni accomplishments;

The Association will gather and maintain database of employment information and to assist the
members in securing suitable jobs;

The Association will provide opportunities for the alumni members to socialize with each other and
have a good time; while also expanding their personal and professional connections;

Members will have access to CFBC resources including libraries, lecture halls, training centers and
career services that are useful to the members of the Association;

Member will be updated and involved in the college’s special events and overall
development of the college and the community;

Opportunities for alumni members to network with alumni in the Federation and
abroad; and

Perfect opportunity to increase the value of their academic credentials gained at

Application link below

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