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St. Kitts Awarded 2023 Caribbean Destination of The Year

Published 7 December 2022


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St. Kitts Awarded 2023 Caribbean Destination of The Year

Basseterre, St. Kitts (07 December 2022) – St. Kitts adds another prestigious accolade to an already extensive list of achievements. Caribbean Journal has identified the destination as the 2023 Caribbean Destination of The Year during its Caribbean Travel Awards announcement. St. Kitts has been recognized for its heavy concentration on providing rich and authentic travel experiences and its diligent focus on sustainability, community, and the natural environment. This opulent recognition is also a direct result of the destination’s recently launched brand campaign, ‘Venture Deeper’ which has resonated within its source markets and the Caribbean diaspora.

“This recent award is as a result of the collaborative effort of our stakeholders and the public sector. When we launched our brand it became the catalyst of our rebuilding efforts. The destination focuses on preserving its rich history, vibrant culture, and indigenous cuisine, which is undoubtedly a primary selling point to travelers. We are overjoyed that our destination has received such outstanding recognition. We have worked diligently in tandem with our industry stakeholders to revamp and rejuvenate our tourism product through various initiatives such as workshops and other stakeholder training sessions. This recent award proves that our rebranding efforts were not in vain. We are instilled with even more confidence to continue our robust marketing plans in promoting the island and further improving our tourism product,” remarked Honourable Marsha T. Henderson, Minister of Tourism.

Caribbean Journal indicates that St. Kitts’ ability to appeal to the 21st-century traveler sets the destination apart from its competitors. The destination fosters a comprehensive sustainability program that supports the growth of global sustainable tourism. Notable mentions of this are the newly opened Sunset Reef, which incorporates geothermal energy technology providing enough natural energy to heat various water sources such as showers and the stunning outdoor infinity pool, farm-to-table experiences at the luxurious Kittitian Hill, and the destination’s ability to be featured on Sustainable Travel International’s docu-series for its environmentally friendly on-island initiatives.

“We are ecstatic about this huge win for the destination,” shared Mr. Ellison “Tommy” Thompson, Chief Executive Officer at the St. Kitts Tourism Authority. “St. Kitts is relatively new to tourism when compared to other Caribbean destinations; therefore, this recognition signifies the destination’s ability to make its mark on the global tourism stage. Our new brand campaign has set the tone for a full-sensory and authentic Kittitian experience. We have vigorously studied market trends and guest needs and have implemented strategies to diversify our existing tourism product. This award bears fruit to the collective effort of our valued stakeholders, marketing team, associate partners, and visitors.”

“As we continue the process of rebuilding it was important to establish the uniqueness of the destination and generate greater brand awareness. Our goal is to build destination desire and ‘Kittitianize’ our visitors when they arrive on island thus offering a more enriching experience that contributes to local community development,” remarked Mrs. Melnecia Marshall, Deputy CEO at the St. Kitts Tourism Authority.

St. Kitts continues to trailblaze and bolster its presence among other leading Caribbean destinations, as indicated by this recent award.

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