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Overseas-based Nevisians must vote solidly for NRP – Isles

Published 8 December 2022


Buckie Got It, St Kitts and Nevis News Source

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DIASPORA NEVISIANS should use their ballots to help release the perennial pressure weighingdown fellow Nevisians, Rohan Isles pleaded.

“Don’t come home and take it for granted that your people are suffering under immense pressure. When you come home release the squeeze, give your friends and family an opportunity to breathe again,” Isles declared while speaking during a campaign rally Tuesday.

Isles said the Nevis Reformation Party (NRP) recognise the grave hardships facing youths chafing under the Concerned Citizens Movement (CCM) regime.

“We know that young people…across Nevis. I know many of you want your own home; many of you want your own car; many of you want to take care of your families; many of you want to go to universities; some of you don’t want to physically go, but be able to study online. There are many of you looking for the ease of the mind because the frustration is building because there is no job, there is nothing for you to do, no opportunities are being granted in small business development, and so they are just sitting there waiting and hoping that something will come,” Isles said passionately.

He used candidate Cleon Simmonds Stapleton as an example of perseverance under relentless CCM pressure and victimisation.

“In the past 10 years under the Concerned Citizens Movement, Cleon Stapleton Simmons has been the government in St Thomases, constantly delivering for our people small business opportunities when COVID was at its highest she was up and about ensuring that the people could sustain themselves.”

“She has never shied away from the responsibilities of being an elected member, not like the rest of them. She has come time and time again assuring you that your best days are yet to come,” Isles said.

CCM, Isles noted, is using Nevisians to maintain their political stranglehold over Charlestown.

“When you would have gone out and given them your support, they disappeared. That is why many of you can’t see the land on which your house will be built,” he argued.

The sufferings of Nevisians can end on December 12 when the NRP is elected to govern for the next five years, Isles assured.

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