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‘Get up, go out, and elect the NRP’ – Candidate Rohan Isles

Published 8 December 2022


Buckie Got It, St Kitts Nevis News Source

‘Get up, go out, and elect the NRP’ – Candidate Rohan Isles

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“Can anyone remember how much money they got? We are asking them, where is the money? We want to know when will work begin on roads and drainage at the Malcom Guishard Park,” Rohan Isles, one of the five NRP candidates contesting next Monday’s Nevis elections.

Isles told a large campaign rally, that citizens and residents “need to apply some pressure on the Taiwanese too, because somebody has to be held accountable for donations made in our name.” “Our money cannot be going flaunting all over the place and nobody can account for it,” an outraged Isle declared.

Rohan Isles

He is unhappy that as a matter of routine in Nevis, gifts and other donations given in the name of the people do not benefit them.

He said current incumbents will have to answer when the NRP assumes office after Monday’s polls.

“Allyuh know whey it deh! allyuh know whey it deh, but we got to apply some pressure, as the Taiwanese give the money to be used at the Malcom Guishard Park but nothing has been done, Isles complained.

“Alyuh (CCM) feel that you gon just tek (take), tek, tek and expect Nevisians to sit with long faces?,” he asked rhetorically.

He continued, “Imagine our friends and families who leave Sixth Form yearly in excess of a hundred of them and they are home. Some of them are home in excess for three years,” referring to the 35 percent unemployment rate in Charlestown.

“When you vote, vote for the children at home for three years so that they can be out and about and working, providing for themselves, uplifting themselves and finding affordable means. That is what I want you to vote for. When you vote, vote for transparency and accountability, put man and woman in government who will not lie to you, that will not hide from you, and that will not cheat you out of what is yours.”

Isles continued: “How in good conscience can you (referring to CCM rulers) making EC $15,000.00 a month, (while) some people not even making 3000 a month, but you sit in this nice chair that they (voters) put you in and deny them their increase but take yours?” a passionate Isles queried.

Next Monday Nevisians can redeem their birthright, Isles said.

“This time is your time! The opportunity will not come again until another five years. This opportunity to ink a future for your children, to guarantee housing and educational opportunities for your children, opportunities in healthcare, tourism and agriculture will not come again until another five years,” he reminded.

“So, get up, go out, and elect the NRP,” Isles emphasised.

Rohan Isles

He maintained that the sufferings of Nevisians are evident everywhere, as only the CCM and their friends benefit from the patrimony.

“Can you imagine in an era when we pleaded and begged for this government to deliver to the most vulnerable among us some financial assistance, they said that no money is there, but now they are finding hundreds of thousands of dollars to clean the sides of the roads. My friends let that be a clear message to you,” he warmed.

“These people are more concerned about winning an election that granting you an opportunity to survive in a place you call home. I don’t understand what the obsession is when you can’t govern.”

“We have seen that you can’t govern, we have felt that you can’t govern,” Isles said referring to the CCM

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