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Dawn of a new era looms for educators

Published 10 December 2022


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Dawn of a new era looms for educators

RELIEF AND INCREASED OPPORTUNITIES ARE ON THE HORIZON for Nevisian educators Jaedee Caines, one of five candidates of the Nevis Reformation Party (NRP) seeking to remove the incumbent Concerned Citizens Movement (CCM) following Monday’s polls.

For the better part of a decade, teachers longed for economic and other forms of relief. They yearned for opportunities to sharpen their skill as classroom surgeons. Premier Mark Brantley was their perennial, ubiquitous obstacle.

Jaedee Caines

“We recognise that many of our teachers are struggling. They are doing their best, but its hard to teach a class of 15 and 20 children because they are at varying levels academically. That’s just the reality. You will find that there are some children way at the top and some need some help (in the middle and the bottom. The teacher still has to have a personal life, and what we are saying is that we will ensure that teachers get some assistance,” Caines argued.

The NRP candidate who is seeking to win her constituency seat, said educators must be held in high esteem once again.

“We also wat to ensure that our teachers feel appreciated. We need teachers, and so we have to show them that we need them. We will not go around promising the teachers that we will increase their salaries as we do not know the current state of the situation there, but we will find varying ways to demonstrate our appreciation,” she promised.

She assured that educators will benefit from discounts and a series of other benefits throughout the island to further motivate and encourage them to remain in the ‘noble’ profession, Caines stressed that the NRP is a teacher-friendly political outfit and want to make a meaningful contribution to those active in the field.

She assured too, that under the NRP the unwritten rule that teachers utilise their own financial resources to provide teaching aids and other materials will end. “This is unfair to the teachers… the administration will cover the costs needed,” Caines. guaranteed

“We will partner with institution to offer discounts and other benefit to teachers and we do want teachers to know that they don’t have to dip into the rockets to get your learning aids or learning materials. We will ensure that is done for you as we need you teachers,” she said.

The NRP administration will ensure that teachers enjoy all required support, Caines said.

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