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Nevisian youths backing NRP

Published 9 December 2022


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Nevisian youths backing NRP

NEVISIAN YOUTHS OVERWHELMINGLY FAVOUR the Nevis Reformation Party (NRP) to be their next government following next Monday’s polls.

Several who spoke exclusively with www.sknnewssoure.com explained the incumbent Concerned Citizens Movement (CCM) of Mark Brantley has no plans for them apart from discriminisation and victimisation. Many said they are forced to eke out a living to survive because of lack of job creation and other employment opportunities.

Businesswoman Gavincia Clarke who owns and manages Level Up Sports Bar and Grill said she hover the years for her frankness and speaking out on a number of critical issues bungled by the CCM administration. Young people face similar treatment because of their public stance on several important issues, Clarke said.

At her business

She said unjustly punishing youths for views which differ from the government’s is inimical to the island’s future.

“One of the things that saddens me the most is when I look at our Secondary School and Sixth Form graduates who are at home without a job or graduates with 8 and 9 subject passes (at the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate [CSEC] offered by the Caribbean Examinations Council [CXC]) who have to settle for certain jobs which don’t measure up to their qualifications, their capabilities and potential,” Clarke said in agony.

She continued, “Don’t get me wrong, I’m not looking down on any profession but when parents work so hard to send their children to school, they expect them to hold a decent-paying job and something they can be proud of, not what they are forced to settle for because better can’t be done.”

“With all the students graduating each year, what has this government done to provide jobs for them? What has the (CCM) government done to create a thriving economy and the enabling environment for investors to have confidence in so that adequate and appropriate jobs are available for our young people who are graduating sixth form and secondary school each year or returning home from university?”

Clarke too, blasted Premier Brantley-led CCM as a pathetic failure as an administration. While youths are chafing under CCM’s incompetence, their cronies are benefiting handsomely Clarke complained.

“When I look around, the only FEW jobs I see CCM has created since 2013 are those who work at the Malcolm Guishard Park, their $9000 per month “Special Community Advisor” and cushy contracts and positions for their political henchmen,” she observed.


Clarke, the mother of a 13-year-old and a 21-month-old, said she is passionate about the issues because she experiences and sees the hurt, pain, disappointment and anger that people face every day because of the perennial hardships. She said the CCM helps a select few and the time is here to stop that kind of discriminatory practice, adding that with the NRP government will govern for all.

The young entrepreneur noted that while ordinary Nevisians use Facebook forge social to links with others, Premier Brantley routinely uses the social media platform to elicit sympathy and attack non-supporters. This agitates more and more Nevisians who plan to punish him at the polls.

 “Why is our Premier running to Facebook looking for sympathy talking about he was FIRED? All the people who got laid off during the pandemic, all the mothers who were struggling to take care of their children because no income was coming in, the businesses that fired people, he wasn’t sympathetic to them,” Clarke recalled.

“Instead, he shamed the mothers for having children by ‘deadbeats. Now he’s on Facebook trying to get the whole world to sympathise with him and making this all about him. I wish he and those who are supporting him, were just as passionate when Nevisians were laid off and fired. At least he’s still getting an income, just not two from the public purse. I hope now he can focus on Nevis since there’s no need for him to go to St. Kitts,” she added.

Relaxing in her community

Clarke is working overtime to ensure the NRP defeats CCM following Monday’s polls.

 “Young people, we deserve better,” she emphasised.

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