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Published 13 March 2023


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A three-goal spurt in four minutes saw MFCR Old Road United Jets dismiss Hotsprings Bath
United 3-0 on Sunday at Warner Park in the SKNFA Premier League. Old Road struggled to make
an impact in the first half, as the hot afternoon sun seemed to have taken a toll on both teams.
But in the second half, Old Road found energy and verve, scoring three goals in four minutes to
seal the win and another three points.

Scoring for Old Road 
Kaylon Liburd 60th
Tiquanny Williams 62nd min
Nequan Browne 64th min

Old Road was one of only two teams to win their matches in the Premier League on the
weekend. Coach Alexis Morris of Old Road, explained why his team started off so flat but
played so much better in the second half. “Let me tip my hat to the Bath United team because
they really put us to the test,” he said. “We started a bit flat. We asked the guys to conserve
some energy but to me, they went away from that and as a result of that, they were running all
over the pitch…Luckily at the break, we were able to talk, we were able to regroup and we
were able to put things together and play the kind of (football) that we are capable of playing,”
Morris said.

Bath’s Coach Alex Claxton sought to explain the reason his team gave up three goals in four
minutes. “I would say sometimes the game would throw a number of things at you…and I think
this was one of those moments when our players lapsed. I think decision-making played a role
in that regard so we have to go back to the drawing board and try to fix those things,” Claxton

 Also on Sunday, Rams Village Superstars drew 1-1 with H.E. Garden Hotspurs.
Score for Village 

Joseph Wilkes 44th min
Score for Spurs 
Steve Archibald 48th min

Red card 
Akio Benjamin (Spurs) 80th min
(For receiving a 2nd caution during the match)
Assistant Coach of Spurs Rohan Browne, was not happy with the draw, as he said they had
several opportunities to win the match. “We dominated the game, to be honest. We dominated
from start to end. We had most chances,” Brown said. “We had some chances on the break. I
am disappointed but the guys played with heart and they finished off the game with one point.
Not what we wanted but well done to the team,” the assistant coach added.

Coach Stephen Clarke of Village was also not pleased with a draw, saying the result was not
what they were looking for. “I expected three points but that’s how it goes sometimes. You just
have to go back to the playing field, regroup and come back again,” Clarke said.

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