Rt Hon Dr Denzil Llewellyn Douglas celebrating 34 years as a Member of Parliament for Constituency #6

Through the sickness and the pain I have made it,
Through the Sunshine and the Rain,
Through the Ups and the Downs,
Through Sadness and Frowns,
Through the Good and the Bad,
Through Happiness, Victory and even defeat,
Through Disruption, Frustration and Celebration,
Through SKN, the Region and the World Representing our People and Nation,
Through it All, I’ve made it to 34 years as a Member of Parliament for Constituency #6; Newton Ground, St. Paul’s, Dieppe Bay, Parson’s, Lavington/Saddlers and Harrises.

First and Foremost I must give God Thanks for using me and fulfilling His Purpose through me. Also, I must express Thanks for the Tremendous Love, Support, Prayers, Confidence and Guidance to my Family, Constituents, Colleagues, Friends and even those who didn’t, I LOVE ALL of you and May God continue to bless our Nation as we serve in our different capacities.

Thank you and best wishes to All

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