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Published 11 April 2023


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Bath United edged St. Peters FC 1-0 in the SKNFA Premier League on Sunday at Warner Park,
to lift themselves out of the danger zone on the league table. Phillron Lavia, scored a fabulous
strike just before halftime to snatch an early lead, which they defended to defeat the team from
Monkey Hill.

Manager of Bath Jermaine Bartlette said his team was looking forward to this
match and worked hard in training. “We know we had to get into this game and it was a must-
win game…so we went out and executed the plan that we had from the beginning,” he said. “The
motivation behind these guys is that we are trying to keep them together and tell them don’t give
up; just work to the end, and for the past week they have been training and doing what we tell
them to do,” he added.  

Disciplinary issues are partly to be blamed for the St. Peters defeat, assessed their coach Austin
Dico Huggins. “We had to make changes to the team because we asked the players to get here at
a certain time and some players decided to get here (another) time and so (based on my
principles) they would have to sit on the bench. So, therefore, we are not as strong at the start,”
he explained. He also disclosed that some players did not show up for training the day before,
hence they were not selected for the match. “I always stick to my principles,” Huggins said.
Meanwhile, it was a routine win for Rams Village Superstars, crushing Elco Ltd. Security Forces
Caaja Burnham (Village) 8th min
Kimaree Rogers (Village) 14th min
Devaughn Elliot (Village) 30th min
Kimaree Rogers (Village) 33rd min
Caaja Burnham (Village) 79th min
Kimaree Rogers (Village) 82nd min

Kimaree Rogers (Village) 87th min
Assistant Coach to Village Vaughn Patrick said the match was an opportunity to give other
players on the team a chance to play. “It was a routine win. We expected to win the game. We
were just looking to get some minutes (for some players) who had injuries, just to see where they
are and how to push them,” he disclosed. Patrick also admitted some work must be done on the
midfield in order to improve their performances going forward.

Village Superstars players. (File photo)

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