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Published 11 April 2023


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Basseterre: St. Kitts, Tuesday, April 04, 2023:​ The athleticism, teamwork and sportsmanship exhibited by athletes from the various public and private sector schools at the 20 th Rams Primary School Championship left spectators marveling at the talent of our youth and fans rejoicing at their stellar performance.

Mrs. Jean Nisbett-Boddie, Principal of the Dr. William Connor Primary School extended congratulations to her team and the community for their outstanding performance on the weekend of March 31 to April 02 at the Kim Collins Stadium.

“I am very elated! I am very proud of my athletes, they have worked hard and we will continue to do this [win], this year and next year we will be coming with a better batch of athletes so you all just watch out for the Dr. William Connor Primary School. Three cheers for my athletes! Three cheers for my team that worked so hard, my sports committee, Mr. Philbert, Ms. Jeffers and all the other teachers. To the parents, a hearty thank you. Thank you all for allowing the students to run this track this afternoon. I do appreciate you! I appreciate all our athletes, all the teachers who worked so hard and contributed to our win. We had a lot of challenges but we overcame them. Thank God for that.”

Commending the athletes from the St. Paul’s Primary School for an exceptional showdown Mr.
Kwame Challenger teacher and coach stated, “The school did well. They did really well. We had
some mishaps and hiccups but we will overcome next year and take back the championship. St
Paul’s Primary School captured second place in the championship.
Ms. Keressa Eddy, teacher and head coach of the Tucker Clarke Primary School conveyed her
gratitude “Tucker Clarke has been out of the mix [winning position] for some time and it’s only
up from here.” Tucker Clarke Primary was the third place winner of the competition as well as
the institution in that produced the Victor Lodorum, Amaziah Barry.

Principal from the Dieppe Bay Primary School Ms. Sharine Hodge conveyed congratulatory
remarks to her team, “I am extremely proud of my athletes. As I keep telling them, once we see
that you are doing your best we are going to be proud of you and I’ve seen them on the track and
they are running hard, running like the warriors that they are! We are very, very proud of them.
Whatever the results are we are proud and we are going to celebrate them.”

Extending commendations to her athletes for their demonstration of good sportsmanship and athleticism, Ms. Azintha Richards, teacher and head coach from the Violet Petty Primary school remarked, “I would like to congratulate our three athletes, they did us extremely proud. We are ecstatic about them!”

Head coach from the Ski Academy Ms. Iantha Burke congratulated her team on their
participation and revealed that it’s the first time her institution engaged in the Rams meet while
expressing hopefulness for the future. “It’s the first time my institution is participating. Our team
comprised of four students, one of our students Jaylon Wilson made it to the 200m finals
yesterday [Saturday], and he did very well I must say. We [Ski Academy] entered Ashwani
Fyfield in the 200m but though he didn’t make it to the finals, he still did well. Gabby Wilkin
participated in the long jump. Unfortunately she didn’t make the podium. We have Joy in the
weight throw; I think we stand a chance with her and if we don’t we are happy for the experience
and I’m sure for them [athletes] it’s a new experience because they have never ever been in
something like this. Happy to be here, we will be back next year with a full force so watch out.”
Ski Academy achieved its gold medal in Joy who won the weight throw in her age category.

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