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Published 1 June 2023


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During the months of April 2023 and May 2023, the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis recorded an up-tick in the number and frequency of robberies, larcenies, and thefts. The Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force has been actively monitoring these developments, engaging strategic methods of operation, and working diligently to curb this surge in criminal activity.

Thus far, our efforts have not been in vain; two males, namely Akeem Sage and Prince Patterson, have already been arrested and charged for a number of armed robberies committed on St. Kitts in April. As is our local custom, there is an increase in large social gatherings, fetes, events, and festivals during the Summer months. This increase in socialising creates a number of conditions and situations in which criminal elements feel emboldened to commit nefarious acts against law-abiding citizens and residents. Such was the case on May 28th, 2023 where multiple larcenies on unattended vehicles were reported as having occurred at Reggae Beach, South-east Peninsula. Insofar as possible, the RSCNPF strongly urges the general public to be increasingly vigilant and careful when leaving their possessions unattended, particularly in instances where one has to leave their vehicle(s) unattended for extended periods. It is imperative that persons take precautionary measures within their civilian capacity to safeguard themselves and their possessions from wilful individuals. Below are some safety tips that should be observed as such situations may require:

Do not leave [small] items of value in your vehicle(s). These include (but are not
limited to) cash, coins, keys, glasses, sunglasses, hats, clothing, bags, wallets, purses, phones, and electronics;

  1. When leaving your vehicle(s) unattended, make a considerable effort to park in open
    spaces where your vehicle(s) is/are either visible from multiple angles, in plain view, or
    illuminated by street lighting;
  2. If/where possible, avoid parking in isolated areas, especially at night;
  3. Always ensure your vehicle(s) is/are completely locked before leaving it/them
  4. Always activate your vehicle(s)’ alarm (if one is installed) before leaving it/them
  5. If/where possible, arrange for a family member or friend to intermittently check on
    your vehicle. 7. Call your nearest Police station or 911 and make a report if you see a crime in
    progress. If you see something, say something. As a law enforcement and National Security agency, the RSCNPF strongly condemns all acts of violence, vandalism, theft, and any legal infractions or illegal acts committed against one or many. The Police Force holds chief responsibility for the safety and security of all citizens, residents, and visitors in the Federation. However, our work
    stands only to be augmented when each law-abiding individual also pays due care and
    attention to his/her personal safety and security. Through our combined efforts, these
    criminal acts can be counteracted and altogether, prevented.

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