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Discounted VAT Rate Day Consumer Information Notes

Published 17 August 2023


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Discounted VAT Rate Day
Consumer Information Notes

Consumers in St. Kitts & Nevis can purchase goods at a lower VAT rate on Discounted VAT Rate
Day (DVRD) on the August 25 and 26, 2023. Only approved participating businesses will be
allowed to charge VAT at a rate of 5% (See approved list on our website).

Eligible Item

Tangible items that are presently subject to 17% VAT will qualify for the discounted VAT Rate
on the DVR Days. In relation to vehicle purchases, VAT will be exempt on the first $50,000.00.
Any cost in excess of the $50,000 will attract the standard 17% VAT. Persons receiving Duty
Free concession on vehicle will NOT be eligible for the DVR Day VAT exemption on the first
$50,000.00. Hence, persons receiving Duty Free concession on vehicle will be required to pay
the standard rate of 17% VAT upon purchasing a vehicle at Duty Free on DVR Days in
August 2023.

Items eligible MUST also be available for sale and immediately available for issuance or delivery
to the customer on DVR Day. Orders for items not in stock DO NOT qualify.

Non-Eligible Items

· Professional services (Eg. Legal fees)
· Rent & Tickets for game of chance (Eg. Lottery/Raffles)
· Top-ups & Phone cards
· Guns, Ammunition & Cigarettes
· Alcoholic Beverages

Alcoholic Beverages NOT eligible include but are not limited to Wine, Brandy, Vodka, Whiskey,
Gin, Rum, Liqueurs, cordials, Beer, Guinness, Royal Stout, Shandy Carib and Smirnoff Ice.
Goods and Services imported on the DVRD do not qualify for the reduced rate.

Are Items sold on Credit and Hire Purchase eligible for the reduced rate?

YES! Eligible goods sold under a credit or hire purchase agreement will qualify for the reduced
rate of 5% if the sale is concluded on the DVR Day.

Rules governing returns and exchanges.
If a customer buys a good at the special 5% rate during the DVR Day and exchanges it on the same
day for another good, the 5% rate will still apply. The special rate will NOT apply if the exchange
is done after August 26, 2023.

Rules governing returns and exchanges (Cont’d).

If a customer buys a good on any of the DVR Days and returns the item after the August 26, 2023,
for a credit on the purchase of a different item, the 17% VAT Rate would apply to the sale of the
newly purchased item, even if it would have been eligible for the 5% Rate during DVR Day.
If a customer buys an item before the DVR Day but returns the item during the DVR Day and
receives credit on the purchase of a different item, the reduced rate shall NOT apply on the sale of
the new items.

Be Vigilant:
Consumers should check their receipts to ensure that the reduced VAT rate of 5% was charged
only after any applicable discount given by the business. Ensure that you collect your receipt and
review your purchases.

Need additional information on DVR Day?
See the Contact Information listed below.

Also, kindly refer to the list of approved businesses authorized to take part in the Discounted
VAT Rate Days available on our web site by August 24, 2023.

Contact Information
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Inland Revenue Department
P.O.Box 34, Bay Road, Basseterre , St. Kitts
Tel: +1-869-465-8485
Inland Revenue Department
Main Street, Charlestown, Nevis
Tel: +1-869-469-5856
Email: [email protected]
Website: or visit us at
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