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Day Two of National Consultation on Mental Health Focuses on Stakeholder Input for Upcoming Legislation

Published 29 August 2023


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Day Two of National Consultation on Mental Health Focuses on Stakeholder Input for Upcoming Legislation

Basseterre, St. Kitts, August 29, 2023 [Ministry of Health] – The second day of the National Consultation on Mental Health witnessed a vibrant exchange of ideas, spearheaded by the Ministry of Health, and supported by the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO). The consultation aims to serve as a stepping stone toward overhauling the existing mental health laws, some of which have not been updated since 1959, except for a proposed bill in 2002 that never materialized.

Yesterday’s opening ceremony laid the groundwork for today’s discussions, emphasizing the urgency and importance of mental health reform. Today, the consultation brought together a diverse set of stakeholders, including members of the public, law enforcement agencies, the legal department, Ministry of Health officials, and regional consultants, among others. The atmosphere was one of mutual respect and the shared objective of contributing to the formation of comprehensive, updated mental health legislation.

A significant portion of the day was dedicated to listening to the views and suggestions of stakeholders about what the resulting legislation should encompass. Law enforcement officials stressed the importance of mental health training for officers and called for guidelines on how to handle mental health crises. Members of the legal department suggested clarity on the rights of patients and the ethical obligations of caregivers. The public, represented by a variety of advocacy groups, expressed the need for more accessible and affordable mental health services, as well as the destigmatization of mental health issues.

Among the key themes that emerged were the need for equitable access to quality mental health care, the importance of trained professionals in treating mental illnesses, the necessity for clearly defined legal frameworks around involuntary admission and treatment, and the critical role of community and societal support in mental health well-being.
The consultation serves as a pivotal first step in revamping the country’s mental health legislation. It is a long-overdue initiative, considering that the existing laws have remained largely unchanged since 1959. Except for a proposed bill in 2002.

By incorporating the insights and perspectives from a broad range of stakeholders, the Ministry of Health aims to draft a law that is both modern and comprehensive. It is expected that the resulting legislation will reflect the collective wisdom and expertise of all those who participated in this landmark consultation.

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