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Hon Prime Minister Dr Terrance Drew proud of the policies in place to assist those in need


Published 8 November 2023


Buckie Got It Media Source

I am very proud that our policies are helping those most in need of assistance:
1) The Children’s Medical Assistance Programme
2) Electricity Reconnection
3) Water reconnection
4) Housing Arrears reset – providing debt relief for homeowners
5) Land Normalization Allocation and Distribution – debt relief for land
6) Workers’ Independence 40 Bonus
7) electricity subsidy
8 ) subsidy for fuel
9) PAP
10) STEP
11) Tax relief on food
12) Increased VAT Days
13) Back-to-School Voucher assistance
And the list goes on.
Your St. Kitts-Nevis Labour Party administration is committed to serving the people of our Federation.




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