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Published 11 June 2024

St Kitts, Basseterre,

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After an adverse result last week, the Sugar Boyz are looking to get their Road to 2026
Campaign back on track when they host the Bahamas today at Warner Park at 4pm. After a final
training session at Warner Park Monday evening, Coach Molina expressed confidence the team
will be up for the challenge later today in the World Cup Qualifier against The Bahamas. “In
Costa Rica we played 38 good minutes and then we lost concentration…we are trying to get 90
minutes together,” the coach said. “The game is super important for us. Keeps us in the fight;
keeps us looking forward looking for the next qualifying window so that’s what we are focusing
on. The boys are working hard and we have a game plan behind us,” he added.

Coach Molina said fans can expect the players to play with a lot of heart and grit this afternoon.
“We are going to leave it all on the field. A lot of enthusiasm, a lot of professionalism, a lot of
dedication. We are going to represent well,” Coach Molina assured fans. The Bahamas lost 7-1
to Trinidad and Tobago in their last World Cup Qualifier at the NGBC Technical Center on

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