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Ministry of Health Donates Essential Mobility Aids to Ministries of Community Empowerment and Aging and Disability

Published 6 July 2024

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Ministry of Health Donates Essential Mobility Aids to Ministries of Community Empowerment and Aging and Disability

Basseterre, St. Kitts, July 5, 2024 [Ministry of Health] — The Ministry of Health has made a significant contribution to the Ministry of Sustainable Development, Environment, Climate Action
and Constituency Empowerment and Social Development & Gender Affairs; Youth Empowerment Ageing & Disabilities, consisting of 25 wheelchairs and 25 walkers. This generous donation, made possible through previous assistance from the Republic of China (Taiwan),
underscores the Ministry of Health’s commitment to supporting vulnerable communities.

The donation was handed over during a brief ceremony on Friday, July 5th. Representatives from
all three ministries attended the event, which highlighted the government’s collaborative spirit in
addressing the needs of the nation’s elderly and disabled populations.

During the ceremony, the Acting Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Health, Mr. Curtis Martin, delivered brief remarks expressing the Ministry’s dedication to working in partnership with other ministries to ensure that essential resources reach those who need them the most. He stated, “This donation is a testament to our ongoing commitment to support and empower our elderly and
disabled citizens. We will continue collaborating with other ministries to provide the necessary resources and services to improve the quality of life for all.”

Ms. Kelvina Salters, Director (Ag.) Department of Constituency Empowerment, in accepting the
donation on behalf of the Department of Constituency Empowerment, said, ‘I want to thank the Ministry of Health for this generous donation. This is symbolic of the work that we’re doing and continues to do, which is to align our communities and community members with national initiatives. As we do our daily work, which is quite granular at the community level,
we have recognized several vulnerable persons who are in need of such donations, so we are
pleased that we are able to respond quickly to these needs.”

The Ministry of Health thanks the Republic of China (Taiwan) for its invaluable support, enabling
this impactful donation. This partnership exemplifies the positive outcomes that can be achieved
through international cooperation and goodwill.

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