Buckie Got It….response “I wasn’t going to answer, but… Buckie who was that completely ignorant fool earlier. You are free to be partisan and show your little bias, but good Lord you don’t have to be full blown ignorant to the point of being mentally retarded. The sheer ingratitude and misinformation of that person for the hard work done by the previous administration speaks volumes about the literacy rate. The Labour administration were the ones who grew and developed the tourism product on St Kitts to what it is now, especially cruise tourism. Cruise arrivals in St Kitts grew from 247,393 in 2007 to over one million at the end of the 2015 cruise year, which, must be added, was fully planned and put in place by the former administration before leaving office. An increase by over FOUR HUNDRED PERCENT.

Might I add that this all took place DURING A GLOBAL ECONOMIC RECESSION in which all neighbouring territories saw either very mild increases, stagnancy or full blown decreases in cruise arrivals, such as in Barbados and in neighbouring Antigua – both nations in 2007 had over three times our total cruise arrivals and by 2015 we had surpassed them BOTH! A huge accomplishment in a competitive field which should never be allowed to be belittled by some uneducated Unity fanboy.
In fact, the current cruise year was also planned by the former administration and it will be next season, which starts in the fall of this year, that will be the first one organized by the new administration in its entirety.
The additional pier in fact at Port Zante was one planned by the former administration, but which the new administration delayed, mismanaged and completely changed plans for, to now release news of a new pier two years late after losing multiple opportunities for docking vessels due to the former admin booking vessels to accommodate a cruise ship pier which wasn’t there as scheduled.
Further, the pier at New Guinea was the brainchild of a private businessman in its entirety. The government can’t credit for that apart from signing approvals – which they are dragging their feet with.
Long story short any developments which will benefit the country are welcome, but the entire context must always be given and not false information for the sake of blind party loyalty.”

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