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ST.LUCIA: Alleged gunman disarmed and severely beaten in Babonneau #


By SNO Staff

18015836_10209015615539821_1777363642_oA suspected gunman, who was allegedly disarmed by citizens and severely beaten during an attempted robbery at a shop in Girard, Cacao, Babonneau early Sunday morning, is now in serious condition at hospital, according to reliable sources.

Reports are that after 1 a.m. Sunday, a masked male, dressed in all black, and carrying a gun, entered Lenny and Company liquor and grocery shop in the small rural community, demanded everyone to “pass it”  as well as taking some rum.

At the time, there were about six persons in the shop, some of whom were playing a card game.

But little did the suspect knew that this Easter was not going to be a rewarding one. The persons in the shop, including the owner fought and overpowered him. He was disarmed, beaten, stripped naked and beaten again, and again.

It is alleged that a “red car” that was observed dropping him off at the location earlier, drove off after he was overpowered by the persons in the shop.

17949855_10209015615779827_351694760_oA relative of the shop owner, who prefers to remain anonymous, told St. Lucia News Online that the business community has been suffering because of a number of armed robberies.

“We want the public to know because that is not the first time they are coming and rob people in the area,” she said. “Because we have a lady higher up the road, she has a shop. And the lady willing to close her shop because they robbed her once last year and two  times for the year already, at gunpoint and with mask.”

This time the citizens fought back and won.

“So he came in, he burst a shot, and he ask them to ‘pass it’, he asked my uncle to ‘pass it’ so my uncle moved fast and think fast,” the relative explained. “So he tell him he don’t have money … he (the gunman) end up going on the other side where the fellas gambling, then my uncle rush outside and close the door and prevented him from going outside. And that’s how my uncle was able to take the gun from him and then they start giving him licks.”

By the time the suspect was handed over to the police, he was bleeding profusely and required immediate attention.

“The people in the area made him talk,” the relative noted.

The Babonneau Police Station confirmed that the suspect is in police custody at the hospital in “serious condition”. The matter is under investigation.

It is not yet clear if the firearm was handed over to the police.


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