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Conflict between Father and Daughter on her relationships

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Published 16 August 2017

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Conflict between Father and Daughter on her relationships

Khyla Brown the reigning Miss Caribbean Carnival embroiled in a public conflict with her father Canady Brown over her choice of boyfriend.
August 16, 2017

Miss Khyla Brown who won the first ever Miss Caribbean Carnival Crown in St Kitts last December 17, 2016 and who was also the Miss Caribbean Culture 2016, is embroiled in a conflict with her father, well known radio personality Canady Brown over her choice of boyfriend. The conflict has spilled over on to facebook in public posts. It seems the boyfriend is her cousin and her father has objected to it but Khyla is having none of it.


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Then her father Canady Brown responded this morning 8/16/2017 with this facebook post of his own.

“Since Khyla made several social media post expressing her love and total devotion to Xavier Gumbs, especially the one on Sunday, I’ve received numerous messages asking if she have lost her mind. Over the past three months I’ve been asking myself the same question. However, Khyla is an adult and has decided to remain in that relationship with her cousin much to the disappointment of everyone in her family.
My position on this type of relationship was made clear in several post last month, although I reluctantly did not address their relationship. I eventually took some drastic measures to help her come to her senses and remove herself from that scandalous relationship, all were futile.
As parents we can only advise our adult children – The ultimate decision for their future and their lives rest solely in their hands, on their shoulders and in their minds.
Now that I’ve stated my position on this sickening relationship that she have boldly publicized, stop with the inbox questions.”


Here is what Miss Khyla Brown post on facebook expressing her love for her boyfriend.




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