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STEP Director Wattley underscores the importance of keeping Nevis clean

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Published 08 October 2018

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STEP Director Wattley underscores the importance of keeping Nevis clean

Charlestown, NevisOctober 8, 2018 (S.T.E.P.) — Director of the Skills Training Empowerment Programme (STEP) Mr Wendell Wattley has told STEP Nevis field officers, supervisors and landscapers that Nevis is not just ‘nice’, but Nevis is ‘very nice’ and that they should take pride in what they doing to keep the island clean.

Mr Wattley made the remarks on Thursday October 4 in Charlestown, Nevis, when he introduced Dr Neals Chitan, an International Social, Crime Reduction Consultant, and motivational speaker, who is also the President of Motiv-8 For Change International, to talk to members of the STEP Nevis clean-up crew that covers the area Charlestown to Gingerland.

“We are continuing a programme of sensitising field officers and supervisors, as well as the persons who operate as landscapers that do the cleaning of St. Kitts and Nevis, to make St. Kitts and Nevis look beautiful for our people and also for the tourists,” advised Mr Wattley at the meeting that was held at the Ministry of Finance Conference Room in Charlestown.

Director Wattley told the STEP interns that it was critical that they understand and appreciate the role they are in. He asked them to take note that their immediate community where they might be cleaning is critical to them and the enhancement of their wellbeing because if they have a beautiful community where they live, psychologically they would feel better. He added that if by extension they are not cleaning the area where they live, it is enhancing the beauty of Nevis. He noted: “For me Nevis is not just nice, Nevis is very nice.”

Mr Wattley observed that Dr Chitan would have had the same motivational/empowerment sessions with all the clean-up groups on the island of St. Kitts and he hoped that landscapers on the island of Nevis would also benefit from the presentation that Dr Chitan has been presenting on the island of St. Kitts.

Present at the meeting were Mr Bernel Hanley, Manager, STEP Nevis; Mr Oscar Browne, Chief Field Officer, STEP Nevis; and Mrs Patsy Chitan, Secretary of Motiv-8 For Change International.

Dr Neals Chitan who gives his personal story on how he averted walking on the wrong path and made it in life always starts his presentations by telling his audience of the difference between being ‘hungry’ and being ‘greedy’. “Two different things,” he told them. “Today I ask you my friends, to listen attentively because the information I will share with you can totally change your lives. You could leave here a changed person.”

The empowerment sessions by Dr Chitan are targeting the social empowerment of men and women with the emphasis of decision making and impulse control, however, sharing concepts and strategies that will benefit them especially as they are playing the role of father/mothers at the same time. He observed that STEP is the perfect fit where he can meet and inspire them with life-changing concepts and strategies.

Mr Oscar Browne, Chief Field Officer, STEP Nevis, thanked the STEP trainees who are doing landscaping duties, for taking care of aesthetics and the beautification in Nevis.

STEP Nevis, has five different clean-up crews who are placed in different communities in the five parishes of Nevis, and also has trainees who have been placed on other areas for the continued development of Nevis. He advised that the next empowerment session by Dr Chitan will be on Thursday October 11 at the Jessups Community Centre, to be attended by the clean-up crew covering the area from Jessups to St. James’.


Pix captions:

1: Dr Neals Chitan (standing on the right) as he was presenting an empowerment session to members of a STEP Nevis clean-up crew by means of a slide presentation.

2: STEP Director, Mr Wendell Wattley: Others in the picture, from left are Mrs Patsy Chitan, Mr Bernel Hanley, Mr O

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