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Published 24 October 2019

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At a meeting held on Tuesday October 22, 2019 with the Premier League Clubs and the SKNFA Executive Committee at the Football Association Headquarters on Lozack Road, the clubs voted in favor of the following proposal to end the current impasse impacting the Premier League:

a. To abandon the 2018-2019 Super 6 competition and that no team is declared the winner of the 2018-2019 SKNFA Premier League and accordingly no prize money to be awarded for the Super 6 competition.
b. To commence the new 2019-2020 SKNFA Premier League Season within the shortest possible timeframe.

In light of the above decision taken by the Premier League Clubs, the SKNFA is pleased to announce that the 2019-2020 SKNFA Premier League will kick-off on Saturday 23rd November 2019 at the Warner Park Stadium. The 2019-2020 SKNFA Premier League will comprise the following teams:

1. Atiba Harris St. Peters
2. Fast Cash Saddlers United
3. FLOW 4G Cayon Rockets
4. H.E Garden Hotspurs
5. Mantab
6. Rams Village Superstars
7. S.L Horsford St. Pauls United
8. Security Forces United
9. S-Krave Newtown United
10. SOL Island Auto Conaree
11. Trafalgar Southstars
12. United Old Road Jets

Registration of players is now open and will close on Wednesday 20th November, 2019.

The first transfer window is also open, and will close on Friday 22nd November, 2019.

Registration and transfer of players will be done online via FIFA Connect Player Registration Platform.

The SKNFA wishes to express its sincere gratitude for the spirit of cooperation and the extreme patience and understanding exhibited by everyone during this difficult period. We are delighted to arrive at this agreement with our Premier League Clubs, which now sets the stage for a period of calm and opportunity to rebuild confidence in the Premier League. We can assure all our stakeholders that the SKNFA will endeavor to use its best efforts to regain any trust which may have been loss during the unfortunate impasse.

We look forward to the start of the much anticipated 2019-2020 season and take this opportunity to extend best wishes to all our member clubs, match officials, support staff and loyal patrons for the new season.

End of Press Release

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