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We kept you safe until an effective vaccine arrived In St. Kitts & Nevis

Published 11 September, 2021


Buckie Got It, St. Kitts and Nevis News Source 

We kept you safe until an effective vaccine arrived.
We will continue to do all that we can to protect you from this deadly virus but it is now time to take matters in your hand.
This involves rolling up your sleeve and accepting the vaccine that we know is safe and effective.

The vaccine is the best defense we have against severe disease leading to hospitalization and death.
My heart goes out to the family and friends who just lost their loved one to Covid.

We now have recorded our 7th Covid death in the Federation.
The vast majority of the people who continue to get infected and end up hospitalized with severe disease are unvaccinated.
The vast majority who die are unvaccinated.

The numbers will continue to rise and more will get sick and die if we all do not take personal responsibility in this fight.
This involves wearing a mask , frequent hand sanitizing and physical distancing.

We also need to encourage all persons 12 years and older to come out and be vaccinated.
Don’t become the next figure on our dashboard.
Go out and get vaccinated when the clinics open on Monday.

Dr. Wilkinson

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