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Video:Poverty Alleviation Program Report

Published 28 November 2022


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Poverty Alleviation Program Report

Address given by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Social Development, Hon. Dr. Geoffrey Hanley, reporting on the Poverty Alleviation Program (PAP).

My fellow citizens, nationals, and residents.

I greet you this evening to provide to you a full report on the Poverty Alleviation Program
complete with information as to the next steps.

When the St. Kitts – Nevis Labour Party won the general elections of August 05th 2022, there
were seven thousand, four hundred and sixty-nine (7,469) payees receiving either Regular
PAP or PAP as expanded for Covid.

The monetary value for each was three million, four hundred and eighty thousand dollars
($3,480,000) payable to the 6,960 regular PAP beneficiaries and two hundred and fifty-four
thousand, five hundred dollars ($254,500) to the PAP as expanded for Covid 509

beneficiaries. This equaled to a grand total payout of three million, seven hundred and thirty-
four thousand, five hundred dollars ($3,734,500).

These figures are alarming for three reasons:
Firstly, according to the 2011 National Census, the Federation has a grand total of 17,291
households: divided St. Kitts with 13,078 and Nevis with 4,213. Based on the beneficiary
total, the results of the PAP would infer that 43% of the households in the Federation earn
less than $3,000 per month.

Secondly, the annual budgetary allocation for the Poverty Alleviation Program is thirty-two
million, two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. As of July 31st, 2022, the program had spent
26,121,500 dollars. This leaves a remaining balance of $6,128,500 for the remaining five
months of the year.

Finally, there is a public outcry that not all eligible households are being serviced by this
Program despite the number of payees.

As you can see, continuing the Poverty Alleviation Program as is, was not financially prudent
to do. As such, my first action related to this program was to direct the Treasury to cease
payment to any public servant with a salary above $3,000 – the eligibility criteria for
enrollment. This resulted in 100 persons being removed from the payee listing saving the


Government $50,000 per month. Full disclosure, the monthly salaries of those who were
removed ranged from $3,018 to $5, 291 dollars.

The Treasury Department then proceeded to temporarily cease any payment to an account
which did not have a valid or verifiable Social Security number. This practice remains in
effect up to present.

As of October 31st, 2022, 6,569 Regular PAP payments were made for a total of $3,284,500
with another 395 payments made to Covid PAP beneficiaries for a total of $197,500.

Compared to July 2022, regular PAP payees decreased by 391 – this includes the 100 civil
servants with income over $3,000 and the remaining 291 which included death, households
earning more than $3,000 and the temporary suspensions. For the Covid expanded PAP
recipients, their numbers decreased by 114 payees owing to confirmation that the payee was
making more than $3,00 per month.

On October 03rd 2022, the Ministry of Social Development and Gender Affairs received from
the Ministry of Sustainable Development files related to applications for the Poverty
Alleviation Program. A precursory examination of the information has revealed the

  1. Not all payees have an actual application on file. The central reason for this
    was a process called Ministerial submission whereby any member of Cabinet
    could have submitted to the attention of the Treasury Department a listing of
    persons to be added without any verification.
  2. No social security number being provided. This was a result of the submission
    of names and not full application forms or persons simply not providing the
  3. Incorrect application information which included names. The incorrect names
    made it possible for one person to be receiving two benefits by
    juxtapositioning their names. For example, John James Doe and James John


  1. Incorrect banking information. As for the banking information, this led to
    incorrect postings to banking accounts not belonging to the beneficiary which
    without a waiver or consent, the state had difficulty requesting and receiving
    the return of the funds.
  2. Though promised since the inception of the Programme, case management has
    not been provided. As a result, no individual/household has formally exited the
    program since December 2018. This is particularly alarming for two reasons.
    The first is that such an omission defies the best practice of a cash transfer
    system whereby a clear exit date is provided. Secondly, the programme has
    moved away from an assistance to a requirement for living. The beneficiaries
    require the assistance to meet their basic needs instead of using it to correct
    challenges and advance.

Based on these and the earlier findings, it is the decision of the Federal Cabinet that a
Registration Process be undertaken to regularize the Poverty Alleviation Program.

Regularization means that the new process will ensure that all payees have a valid application
form that can be used to confirm the eligibility criteria of a household earning less than
$3,000 per month.

The Registration process is open to all present eligible payees and any person who had not
yet applied for or received a PAP benefit, but their household fits the eligibility criteria.

Following this national address, the online application form will be available. The address is
pap.gov.kn. You are encouraged to view the instructional video which will air immediately
following this address and is available on the same website.

I use this opportunity to indicate that ALL eligible existing recipients of the Poverty
Alleviation Program $500 is MANDATED to complete an application form by December
16th, 2022. Failure to do so would mean that your payment will cease effective December
31st, 2022.


To support this registration process, officers from the Department of Community
Development and Social Services and the Department of Social Services on Nevis will be
available at key community locations to assist those who may need such assistance from 9 am
to 4 or 6:00 pm daily. A schedule can be found on the Government website, all Facebook
pages and posted at community centers across the Federation.

Before I close, I wish to notify the general public that the MENDING of the PAP will
commence from January 2023 with the introduction of case management.

Case Management shall form the basis of the empowerment process for all beneficiaries.
Utilizing the process for the M.E.N. D Families in St. Kitts and Nevis Program, individual
and group sessions shall be instituted based on the care plans which include actions and goals
for all persons in the households. The intention is to provide information, assistance and
services to households that will be used to assist them to build resilience and independence.

The former Labour Party Administration founded the Ministry of Social Development and
Gender Affairs in 2001 to provide social safety net programs to the most vulnerable in our
population. As the Ministry prepares to celebrate 22 years of existence, I take this opportunity
to assure the general public that this Labour Administration remains committed to ensuring
that all persons will have access to the information and resources necessary to accomplish
their individual goals.

Please view the instructional video and then process to register for the Poverty Alleviation

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