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Something Good Happening in St.Kitts-Nevis Economy as Yet Another Large Company Records Best Performing Year Ever #

Published: 5 April 2017

“Something Good Is Happening !” This was the constant refrain of Prime Minister Dr. Hon. Timothy Harris during  his regular Press Conference on Wednesday Morning April 5th. Prime Minister Harris announced a number of unprecedented economic achievements for the federation over the last two years including record breaking annual performances by a number of large local companies. On the heels of the announcemrnyt in recent weeks that the S.L Horsford & Co. Ltd had recorded it’s highest profit ever in it’s 143 year old history , another large local company has recorded a similar record breaking performance. PM Harris announced that in a recent meeting with the Managing Director of the RAMS Group he ws informed that the company had it’s best performing year in its 82 year history .

“On Friday last, I met with the Managing Director of RAMS Trading, Mr Shawn Weston, and was updated on several developments taking place in our Country. I was pleased to learn that the 2016 accounts is being finalized and are showing that 2016 will be RAMS best year in its 82 year history in our Country.  Something good is happening. To God be the glory,” declared Prime Minister Harris

The Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Dr. Harris congratulated the RAMS Group on it’s record breaking performance and lauded the contriobution of the late Kishu Chandiramani whom he highlighted as a business and social icon in the federation.


PM Harris stated “We congratulate Mr Shawn Weston, his management team and employees.  After the death of the late great business icon Mr. Kishu Chandiramani, some wondered wither bound the RAMS Group.  Mr Weston has shown his incisive business acumen and that he and his team are worthy recipients of the “baton” passed by Mr Kishu.”


Prime Minister Harris also outlined some projects being pursued by the RAMS Group that will add to the job pool of the federation. He also indicated that the RAMS expansion is no doubt as a result of the confidence the group has in the government and it’s management of the St.Kitts-Nevis economy.


Prime Minister Harris continued “I commend them (RAMS Group of Comapanies) on several projects now being completed or pursued that will expand the portfolio and asset base of the RAMS Group and by extension add to the dynamism and job growth in our economy.  The RAMS Group employs about 700 persons.

What are some of these positive developments associated with the RAMS Group?


  • A new Supermarket is to be opened in the next week or two, creating employment opportunities for eighty persons. 80 additional jobs in the retail sector.
  • Sugar Bay Hotel is undergoing renovations reflecting RAMS confidence in tourism in St Kitts and Nevis
  • A new facility is to be built in Cayon – this means jobs during construction and jobs upon completion. Our people will be better for this. In deed rational economic actors are choosing St Kitts and Nevis as the best place to do business.”


RAMS , the Horsford’s Group and the SKNA National Bank have all recorded record breaking financial performances over the last two years since the election of the Team UNITY Administration to office.

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